# Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So you had the gutso to run your own business, that's great! Good for you!

Just remember to keep every single business transaction and client obligation in SIGNED BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENTS!!! Because if ever anything turns sour you at least have evidence of what the client went wrong, that you didn't under deliver etc. etc. Also if you want to keep your path of income open and not allow them to give the source to some other person to enhance it for them, state it in the contract.

And in a case where the client DOES run off to some other provider, DON'T out of spite log into the clients system and delete the program from their servers, especially if the client has ALREADY PAID YOU!

That's why a document trail is necessary, so when push comes to shove you can sic a lawyer at them or make sure you can't be sic'ed by their lawyer!

(That said, a good lawyer can pretty much win any case! :P)

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# Monday, 09 July 2007

Ugh.. what a scary feeling. To have your client engage the services of a 3rd party security firm and submit your code over for a code review to see if your code is secure or not.

No offence to those guys, but I guess I'm uneasy for letting someone who's bonus is dictated by how many flaws they find in my code have free reign over it. What would I have to do? Explain in detail why I did all my little hacks, the shortcuts, promise that no external code ever ever ever will run in the component (Just remember.. promising that your code works well is NOT a solution).

I guess the thing that I'm most worried about is, different programmers have different styles and methods of solving a problem. But what if those guys feel that theirs is the best way and then get the client to pressure me to confirm even though my way is just a secure and efficient as theirs?

This is going to be an interesting experience.

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# Sunday, 08 July 2007

If you've been shopping for LED lights before you would have noticed that sometimes they are dirt cheap, and sometimes they are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!! And yet they all seem to perform exactly the same.

Take for example these round LED light emblems.


I've seen them being sold under the OSRAM brand name for I think.. around RM40? I got these for RM8.. RM8 for BOTH of them!! And well.. they work.. they shine... So what are you paying for with more money?

Usually a better LED power controller, a cheap light might just directly pump juice from the batteries, decreasing the battery life. But the good thing about LEDs are that even though the battery power might be low you can still get pretty usable light from the LEDs. A brand name LED light might have a proper power controller so that the LEDs will give out a bright light for a longer time compared to the cheap ones.

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My wife slapped me in the chest waking me up from my sleep. "WHERE'S WZ!!!??!?!" She screamed. You see, WZ sleeps between us on our bed. But he's a lousy sleeper so he ends up all over the place, at the foot of the bed, the head, in my wife's face, etc. etc.

I scanned the bed in front of me, sure enough.. WZ was missing! This wasn't good, we were always afraid that WZ might roll off the bed, so we bought some bed railings and cordoned off most off the gaps, it should have protected him from most falls. More importantly... if WZ DID fall, and he didn't cry when he did... that would be VERY VERY BAD.

As I was about to freak out, I felt something on my back (I was sleeping on my side) I carefully turned around and.. there was WZ, sleeping VERY SOUNDLY. Heck, his pacifier was still in his mouth!

The question now was how did he get over there? One theory was that he crawled over me, but if he crawled over me, he'd have to fall onto the area beside me, and there's no way the pacifier would stay there. He couldn't have crawled the LONG way around me cause... the way he moves, the pacifier would never stay in his mouth. The 3rd possibility is that I sleep walked.. moved him over beside me and forgot all about it.

And that's scary!

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# Saturday, 07 July 2007

So as I was walking through Low Yat Plaza today when I say this little guy sitting in a display case.


It's the Fujitsu U1010 one of the errr.. 2nd generation UMPC devices. Which means it's not really meant to be a notebook which you work on, but more like something you carry around which is more powerful than just a PDA (or an OVERPOWERED & OVERPRICED PDA) but is still small enough to carry around almost everywhere. I prefer not to call this a review.. more like a molestation report. :P

The specs are nothing to write home about, with an 800Mhz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard disk. Pretty standard fare for an entry level notebook. One of the interesting bits is that it sports a nice 1024x600 screen, making the little 5" display look extremely sharp. And cause it uses the funky Intel chipset.. is able to run with Aero on if that is your wish.

The placement of the touch nib, on the top of the keyboard would seem to make it look as if you're supposed to be using the thing by holding it in your hands kinda like this pic. Which I guess it's more appropraite give that on my 7" P1610 it would already be a bit cramped to type on normally, on the 5" well.. it gets a bit difficult. So it would seem as if the keyboard would be better used as a thumb board, unfortunately it doesn't have the thumb board caveats ie. locking shift key, locking ctrl key, etc. etc.

One thing that left a bad impression on me is that first of all the thing doesn't have a built in VGA or Network port. The salesman tells me that both ports are on an included dongle, only problem is.. the dongle connector is on the center in FRONT of the keyboard, which means it'd get the way if you were trying to work on a table while connected to a wired network. Guess they don't expect you to do it that often.

I hate the fact that there's only ONE USB port on the thing, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much since it's a 5" slim convertible tablet... errr.. book PC.

It's a very interesting device, and let me put it this way.. if you even thought about buying the little devil of a PDA, you REALLY should give the U1010 a look, yes.. the U1010 isn't a phone but lets face it.. you wouldn't use a ceramic tile as a phone right?

I'm still keeping my eye out on the Asus eeePC of course.

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