# Saturday, 07 July 2007

5 months, 8 kilograms..


And he's able to sort of sit up on his own, although balance is still a problem right now. Basically he needs to know not to look straight up when he's sitting. Soon.. he will be walking..


With some help at first of course..

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# Friday, 06 July 2007
A package from HK was awaiting me when I got home today, it contained 3 items I ordered from PDAir. One works PERFECTLY.. one has me very annoyed.. and one has me in the Why the fark did I waste money on this? mood.

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# Wednesday, 04 July 2007

About a month ago the father of PDAs, Jeff Hawkins revealed what he called a revolutionary device, called the Palm Foleo. It's pretty much an ultra light 7" notebook, but.. it's not meant to be a notebook.. it's meant to be a companion device for... your PDA... Oh wow.. a companion device for a companion device. What a GREAT idea! It seems like Jeff Hawkins thinks that there are people who want to work more on their smartphones or PDAs but because it's hard to type a lot on thumbboards people need to have a better working enviroment but not a notebook because notebooks are heavy, and ultra light notebooks are expensive. So a new type of mobile companion appliance is exactly what these people need. All this for a price of a small small sum of USD599 (Screw the rebate cause we're definetly not getting that here!)

My reaction to the announcement was pretty much the same as most people which was.. What the bloody hell was he thinking when he thought of this?

But the kick in the nuts for Mr Hawkins came recently during Computex Taipei 2007, when Asus announced the Asus eeePC. It's a simple 7" notebook that runs on a simple 900Mhz Intel processor, has 512MB of ram, a simple 800x480 display and an 4GB Flash Memory as storage. It's a pretty whimpy machine on all accounts... except for the fact that it's retail price is supposed to be USD 199.

So now the previous statement becomes.. USD 199 for an x86 UMPC which can run Windows, Linux or any other x86 based OS you can think of. Sure it's whimpy.. but it's USD 199!!! Heck.. the 8GB version is supposed to be USD 299 and still it makes an impressive argument. Heck I'm definetly picking one up if the price is < RM1500!

So.. what's the future for the Palm Foleo now that there's a LOW cost ultra light notebook which can do pretty much everything it can do, but because it's only cost USD199 people won't even expect too much from it. The price point is just too good!

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# Tuesday, 03 July 2007
Now.. what sort of a gadget person would I be if I didn't make a post about the iPhone. Apple fanboys better turn away now cause most feel that I'm biased against Apple. Done? Great...

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When someone asks you "Do you have the proper security clearance for this information?" and you're able to answer... Why yes.. of course I have clearance.

That feels cool in a.. weird way...

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