# Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ok.. here we go.. we're upgraded and ready for full Live Writer support.


Oh joy!!!!

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I don't care how much time you save with the code, I don't care that you're not familiar with the way I want you to do things, but bloody hell why did you go and write a data layer WITHOUT USING PARAMETERIZED QUERIES?

I told you that it wasn't safe, why did you still do it??? Why??!?!??! WHY?!?!?! WWWHHYYYY??????

Now I have to rewrite the whole bloody data layer!

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Forgot to mention one thing about the C730, the other party comes over loud and clear and the phone transmits your voice VERY loud and clearly, my friends have already complained that it's deafening.. or maybe it's just the way I talk. :P

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Cool, they've released a official stable version of DasBlog (Yes I know I could have just downloaded the incremental ones but I procrastinated so..) So I guess it's time for an upgrade!!!!

Better backup my contents first I guess.

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So.. it's been a week since I gotten my new Dopod C730, time for a round up of how well the phone is doing for me.

The Good
The phone is slim and light, but it's wider than normal phones thanks to the errr.. I think people call it the BlackBerry design style. The 320x240 screen is bright and sharp, no worries of not being able to see stuff properly under the sun. The keyboard works well once you're use to pecking away at the small keys. HSDPA support is extremely welcomed when needed.

The Bad
In order to keep with the slim form factor the battery holds relatively little charge compared to what it needs to work well in a stressful enviroment. ie. Whenever the phone is fighting over wheter to use GSM or 3G. If I let the phone decide which network to use, the battery doesn't last half a day! (due primarily to the fact that in my office it keeps cycling between 3G and GSM, CONSTANTLY!) Switching the phone to be using ONLY GSM gives me about a day of battery life. I also hate the fact that the primary LED on the phone doesn't indicate missed calls, received SMSs, etc etc. by blinking a different color.

The 'I Still Don't Know If I Hate It'
The Joggr strip... at times it's good to know that when I use the Joggr strip to scroll through webpages and such it means that I am not putting too much stress on the DPad of the phone, since I pretty much worn out every dpad on all my previous phones. But I hate the fact that I accidentally scroll through something, or call up the Inbox, etc. etc. whenever I hold the phone.

The Damn! That's Ironic Bits!
The size and shape of the phone makes it a bit hard to hold when you're not used to it. Therefore I applied the anti slip eGrips in strategic places so that I can have a better hold on it. Even more ironic is that while I was applying the grips I dropped the phone! The screen is BLINDINGLY bright!!! And while you are not used to the thumbboard the most common mistake is to accidentally hit multiple keys at a time. :P

overall I'm still pleased with the phone, more on WM6 in a future post.

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