# Friday, 22 June 2007

 So you're walking towards your office, and then you see a box near the entrance to you office, filled with a gazzilion glass fragments, like some unlucky schmuck must have smashed through a glass door nearby.

Box of glass

You give the box a feel kicks, and you like hearing the sound of tiny glass fragments jiggly around and ringing like a chorus of bells. Cool! you think as you turn to enter your office building...

Oh oh...

Not so cool anymore...

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The first digital camera I ever gotten had this nifty trick which aided in to taking multiple images to form a wide panoramic image, though after taking said images I'd had to use another program to stitch it together since technology then didn't allow the camera to have enough memory to perform the stitching onboard.

It was a neat trick which I liked having around... and lo and behold... the new HTC camera program in my Dopod C730 also has such panoramic functionality!


Yes.. my place is a dump.. and, note the ghost images near the connection parts. To take good panoromic images it is essential that when you pivot to take the next picture, you pivot using the camera lens's center and not on your feet.

Why the fark am I interested in such old tech? Probably because I haven't seen it in use for a while and I'm getting nostalgic over what I used before and what is possible now.

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That's how you feel like when a cop pulls you over in the middle of the road and tells you that you've been driving the wrong way for 12 years!

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# Wednesday, 20 June 2007
Other than catching the PLAY! symphony my other objective while I was in Singapore was to get a new phone. The Dopod C730. And after hunting around a few clueless shops in Funan IT mall for a while where the best response I got from a shop was.. C730? Oh we don't have no C730? Then I pointed at the dummy unit in their display case then the guy goes.. OOOOOhhh.. THAT C730... Then he starts asking everyone in the shop about it and no one seemed to know the answer, while they were still questioning among themselves about the mythcial Dopod C730 I thanked them for their help and walked away to a shop IN FRONT of theirs.. and what do you know? They DO HAVE A C730!!!

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# Monday, 18 June 2007
OK, let me post the XML that was given to me so people have a better idea of the problem with the XML file which I was talking about in the previous post and why it is wrong. I posted the original post 5 mins after getting the file from them so I was in the middle of work and couldn't post the chunk.. so.. here is what he sent me.

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