# Wednesday, 20 June 2007
Other than catching the PLAY! symphony my other objective while I was in Singapore was to get a new phone. The Dopod C730. And after hunting around a few clueless shops in Funan IT mall for a while where the best response I got from a shop was.. C730? Oh we don't have no C730? Then I pointed at the dummy unit in their display case then the guy goes.. OOOOOhhh.. THAT C730... Then he starts asking everyone in the shop about it and no one seemed to know the answer, while they were still questioning among themselves about the mythcial Dopod C730 I thanked them for their help and walked away to a shop IN FRONT of theirs.. and what do you know? They DO HAVE A C730!!!

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# Monday, 18 June 2007
OK, let me post the XML that was given to me so people have a better idea of the problem with the XML file which I was talking about in the previous post and why it is wrong. I posted the original post 5 mins after getting the file from them so I was in the middle of work and couldn't post the chunk.. so.. here is what he sent me.

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XML can be used to represent a structured, hierarchical, relational data. Please do NOT use it as if it's something like a CSV file. If you're using XML to represent a product availability for the various branches your shopping chain has I should be able to discern which branch has what products based on the position of the item nodes.

But instead what did I get from you? A file where all the XML nodes are pretty much on the SAME DAMN LEVEL! And you're expecting me to parse it like some flat file to get the information I need?

If you wanted me to parse it in the first place why the heck did you bother generating an XML compliant structure? You like angle brackets is it?

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# Sunday, 17 June 2007

As mentioned I watched at the PLAY! symphony on the weekend in Singapore. It was held at the Esplanade Concert Hall.. or what most Singaporeans refer to as... the Durian due the it's exterior shape design.


I really enjoyed the experience of listening to some of my favorite tunes being played by a live orchestra, but.. since I regularly seek out game music, most of the themes were very familiar to me already but still it was fun to hear a live orchestra play it.


Some notable highlights during the show

It was very exciting that while I was using Pictochat on my DS in the event hall... SOMEONE JOINED THE CHAT ROOM!!! And then another... then another.. it was just like how the bloggers would use the DS's bulilt in Pictochat to communicate with each other during a news conference. And it was also the first time I actually got some use out of the Pictochat app! of course.. once more people starting joining in the chats started drifting to DS r0x and all those PSP users behind me suck territory!

When you have a performance of music that's not dedicated to one particular game, the audience might not be able to relate to it. So while I was blown away by the Super Mario Bros suite, the music from Chrono Trigger while familiar to me just didn't invoke any particular feelings for me.

When they played the music from Lost Odyssey it felt that most of the audience was a bit errr.. unresponsive since.. the game hasn't come out yet at all. And the most funny thing about the performance was, they choose to play clips from the M rated trailer during the performance, I could see the 8 year old in front of me tense up and his guardian adopting an Oh my god, why they heck are they showing this? look. Somehow I think the symphony directed should make the video clips as PG as possible since people of all ages would come to their performances.

The most interesting performance of the night came when they introduced Takenobu Mitsuyoshi to the stage, I wasn't familiar with the name but I was very familiar with his works which included Shenmue and Daytona. And he was there to play on the piano the theme to Daytona. I was wondering if he was going to SING the theme as well but the MOMMENT he opened his mouth and english words came out from him I knew it.. HE SANG ALL THE SONGS IN DAYTONA!! And the momment he started off with Du Du Du Du Du Duuuuuu... DAYTONAAAAAAA!!!!! It's Gonna Be.. DAYTONAAAAAAAAA!!! Oh.. all the memories of power sliding with my friends started rushing back to me!

Ahh.. it was an very enjoyable night indeed.

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# Friday, 15 June 2007

 So I'm holding down to Singapore for the Play Symphony tomorrow. According to the venue's webpage there doesn't seem to be any strict dress codes that I need to follow ie. jackets, tie, etc. etc. So that's good.. since less clothing restrictions means more people can be exposed to such cultural performances. It also means I get to wear whatever I want.


Yup.. this looks good.. makes a nice statement too. :P

An interesting item on the venue's webpage states that.

Due to artists' sensitivity and copyright issues, cameras, image capturing and recording devices are prohibited within the venues. Patrons approaching the venue with any such recording devices are required to deposit them at the Deposit Facility at the entrance of the venues or at the Mezzanine level Cloakroom.

Err.. there's a seating capacity for 1,811 people in the venue, do they have sufficient logistics to store and retrieve 1,811 mobile phones?

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