# Sunday, 03 June 2007

Hmm. if I keep posting one video per post I think it's gonna get very crowded on the page so.. here's 2 videos in one post!

My mother takes care of WZ during the day, and everytime she feeds him she always makes sure that he puts his hands on the bottle and thus.. WZ pretty much will put his hands on the bottle when feeding.. he doesn't know why he's doing it though and thus he doesn't know he has to tilt the bottle to get more milk when it's empty.

This is how WZ moves FORWARDS right now, he doesn't do it very often.. and I don't think he understands the notion of movement yet though cause you can be in front of him calling and he just stares at you blindly.. But it's a start!

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There I was trying to record how strong WZ that he keeps trying to pull himself up when he's in the bouncing net.. imagine my surprise when as I hit the record button WZ nearly climbed OUT of the net... HEADFIRST!

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MSN Soapbox (soapbox.msn.com) is reopened to public again after being closed for a while, now the UI is faster and slicker (thanks to the fact that they don't use Flash for the whole UI anymore) The main reason I prefer to use MSN Soapbox than YouTube is because I can set it so that my videos are hidden from public search results and yet are still accessible by anyone who knows the link to the video, therefore my friends and family don't need to login.. or be in my friends list or what not to see the video BUT.. the video doesn't show up when someone is just searching for videos of babies. :P

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WZ & His Ball

Some of you might have already spotted it in the previous picture, but this colorful little cloth ball that makes crinkly noises (me thinks there's a plastic bag inside) is WZ's first real toy, I wanted to buy something else but mommy said the other louder toys seemed like a waste of money since WZ might only play with them for a month or so. And my mother tells me that even though I had a few toys when I was a baby I found an empty milk can much more attractive than any toy! :P

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# Friday, 01 June 2007

Posting from Live Writer V2.. hmmm... I should probably upgrade my DasBlog to support the new features...

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