# Friday, 18 May 2007

My colleague was trying to install SQL Server 2000 on to his newly formatted Windows Vista, which although is not a supported action we need to do it cause we still have apps running on SQL Server 2000.

But the setup program just kept dying and dying once it reached the start copying phase. This puzzled me since I was able to install it.

I then noted that he had already installed VS2k5, and SQL 2k Express as well. On a hunch I told him to reformat and reinstall Vista (to clear off all remanants of anything that might have stopped the install) Luckily Windows Vista installs pretty fast so it wasn't too much of a hassle.

After the reinstall, the first thing we did was to install SQL Server 2000.. and BOOM.. it just went in..


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After seeing all the money invovled in the acquiring of Flickr, Youtube, etc. etc. Potential clients are now coming to ask us to create websites that support User Generated Content (UGC), blogs, social circles, videos, etc. etc.

But in typical fashion they want it all done yesterday and they expect to gain full traction within 3 months contrary to the length of time it took all the big sites to get to where they are today!

And they expect developement to only take 6 months AND match the other sites feature for feature and with some additions.

The most ironic thing about it all is that, even though the clients are so gung ho about UGC they are pretrified about unmoderated content and blogposts. ;)

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# Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ever since Silverlight was announced I just couldn't get it out of my head. It's like irritating coder's itch that I just got to scratch soon, and if I don't scratch it I keep thinking about it over and over in my head.

So I have a few things already on my mind, first off is a collection of ideas on what kind of things you can do with Siliverlight, this will be compiled into a web application project with the title of Introducing Silverlight 1.0.

Next I'm thinking of creating a little sort of photo plugin for my website to show off al of WZ's photos and possibly videos.

Than the last thing.. is something I'm still thinking about.. ;)

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This was how WZ talked around 3 months, mommy kept saying it sounded nothing like a baby. I gotta record a more recent conversation clip so everyone can hear his super squeals.

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# Sunday, 13 May 2007

Through out the years, the person that's always looking out for your, ensuring that you grew up properly, happily, and took care of all your needs, your mother. And no matter how old they get they'll still be there for you, looking out for your best interests.

Happy Mother's Day!

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