# Thursday, 19 April 2007

As I was mucking around MSDN a few days ago I came across the article "Data Storage Architecture with SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition" It was essentially talking about where you could use the ever nifty SQL2k5CE. It also mentioned that you could use it with websites, something which I read from the SQL2k5CE Books Online that it wasn't supported. But the golden line in the article was this

If you choose to use SSCE for Web applications, some configuration is required to allow SSCE to be hosted in the Web application process.

I quickly rummaged through the documentation for SQL2k5CE more carefully this time, and I found this:-

AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetData("SQLServerCompactEditionUnderWebHosting", true)

Aaaa.. the magic key! My eyes must have glazed over the paragraph the moment I read the part about ASP.Net not being a SUPPORTED host for SQL2k5CE. Essentially all you need to do is throw that line in your Application_OnStart event of your Global.asax file and you'll be able to use it in your ASP.Net application.

Wonder how performance is though, since the article mentions that SQL2k5CE should only be used on websites with a low performance of oh... <300~500 request an HOUR. I guess that would mean most personal websites that dont get slashdotted! ;)

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# Tuesday, 17 April 2007

TNB cut power to my house for the WHOLE morning!! And because the fans, didn't work, and there was no lights at all... my mother couldn't really put WZ in the mosquito tent which is hot cause it has poor air flow. As I was on the way home my wife calls me and sounded very distraught...

And I came home to see this...

WZ's right arm was RAVAGED by mosquitos!!! There were also bites on his head, and some on his leg, but his arm was definetly the worse affected. I ran out and got some more mosquito repellant and killing devices!

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# Monday, 16 April 2007

I learnt a few things following yesterday's power failure incident.

  • I need a new battery for the UPS which is connected to my modem and router, darn thing only lasted 30 mins last night.
  • Get a USB powered fan, preferdably one that has a stand so I can use it to cool WZ.
  • Get one of those shake powered flashlights, preferdably the original Forever Flashlight.

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# Sunday, 15 April 2007

Phew... luckily power is back already.. phwer

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Great.. About 9PM... the power suddenly, completely cut out.. the whole street has blacked out.. and it seems like according to my cousin.. a lot of PJ has blacked out... JOY! Wonder how long can the backup lights last till they go out and WZ is left in the dark...

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