# Saturday, 24 March 2007

When your parents are helping you take care of your baby, it's inevitable you'll run into situations where you tell your parents "no no no, you don't do it this way" and your parents then respond to you "I did this when you were a baby, you came out just right didn't you?" And then you really can't do anything but shut up.

So far this is what I've noticed.

  • Don't try to do full breast feeding unless the mother is literally overflowing with milk, else the grand parents will just keep saying their grand child ain't getting fed enough.
  • Nowadays, baby bottle teats are made of silicon as well as the traditional latex. If your baby has any problems sucking from the bottle, the grand parents will comment that the teat is too hard cause silicon feels tougher than the latex teat which they fed you with. Then finally you realize that the actual problem is that your baby needs a teat with more holes in it.
  • Your baby's pacifier keeps dropping, the grand parents take a look at it and says that it's too small/short compared to what you were using last time. You go to the shop and take a good close look at all the pacifiers in the market now. And all of them are small and short, must be because they realized previous pacifiers were too large and choked the baby.

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Ok.. so I got weak and bought the Dream Chick cause I was curious at what it can do. And I just got it in the mail today.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that it is only able to chirp randomly, and every now and then it flaps it's tiny little wings a little bit, and that's pretty much what it can do, it's beak doesn't even open. But then, what are you expecting from something powered by 3 button cells?

I guess if you think of it more like a relaxation aid than a tamagotchi it has a better proposation. Normally it's off until you pick it up, then for the next minute and a half it'll randomly chirp, flap wings and try to act like a real chick.

Anyway, aside from the fact that it doesn't do squat, it LOOKs pretty good, like a little stuffed chick. It's also much bigger than I expected, the egg capsule is as tall as a can of Coke.

Damn imitation feathers/fur like to fall off though so won't be showing this to Wen Zhern for a while.

Recommended for people who like stuff animals, not recommended for people who's expecting a Tamagotchi.

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# Friday, 23 March 2007

When you give them the bottle while they're sleeping, and yet they can finish the whole bottle, get burped and placed back in the crib without ever waking up?

Another question is why do baby formulae company BURY the measuring spoon inside the formulae, how did they expect you to take out the spoon without contaminating the milk powder?

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# Wednesday, 21 March 2007

So... the Windows application which I have been talking about on my blog for the past few months is going to be released very soon.

It's going to be a freaking disaster!!!!

Mass testing didn't happen at all, I advised the client to get as much people as possible to install and test the prerelease version, but their as much people as possible turned out to be less than a dozen.

And thus, little weird problems that occur when software meets weird software installed on OS are only NOW being discovered.

It's gonna be a disaster!

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# Tuesday, 20 March 2007

And the most dangerous one to sleep in.

Just look at the shape of those lips, I wonder if it's gonna stay that way?

Seriously though, sleeping like this is a risk that the baby might turn face down and sufficate himself, so I have to monitor him constantly while he sleeps like this. But he does sleep much much better this way though.

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