# Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Wen Zhern has been having very bad cases of phlegm and hasn't been sleeping very well for the past few nights. Then we noticed that he has phlegm caught in his throat. Too bad he's too young for me to teach him to hack it out.

I tried a few things... herbal medication.. water... and came up with 2 effective methods. One was to give him a very healthy patting on the back with him lying on my chest, caused him to squirt out the phelgm all over my shirt but hey.. he felt fine after that.

The other way was to let him sleep on his side so that the phelgm doesn't hold onto the wall of his troat and irritates him.

Of course.. there's a whole bunch of articles on the internet that says this is not safe at all cause the baby might roll over and suffocate himself. Then again Wen Zhern can't even roll over when he's sleeping on his back yet.

I hope I don't regret this...

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# Monday, 19 February 2007

The .Net Framework 3.0 was released a couple of months back. But I never found enough time to brush up on all the components. So now I'm going to use this CNY break to come up to speed with everything.

The main thing I want to concentrate my efforts on is Windows Workflow Foundation which should streamline developement of various processed based applications like web based processing systems, item inventory control systems, etc. etc.

Windows Presentation Foundation is a fun distraction and I'd probably look into that once I'm done with the Workflow Foundation.

I don't find myself having a need for Windows Communication Foundation right now so I'll just take a quick glance at it first and nothing much else.

Hmmm.... 2 more days of holidays...

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# Sunday, 18 February 2007

I've been waiting and waiting to get the little keychains that make Mario sound effect noises to become available at Play Asia.

And finally they DID became available!!

And the speed of which I went from hitting the view item button, to the express check out button was just TOO scary!!

But they're just so adorable!

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Wen Zhern is one month old now, one month closer to running around and cause all sorts of havoc to my wireless controllers, one month closer to PWNing all your asses on XBox Live. But right now, his cute, defenseless look will inflict maximum damage on the ang pows you may be having on you!

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Until you've seen your baby vomit up a stream of milk like you dropped a mentos into a bottle of coke.

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