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That's what people say when they get their Nintendo Wii, but come on lar! Isn't that obvious, you've got a brand new spanking toy of course you're gonna pour all your love and affection onto it. And if you're a Zelda fan, you know all you wanna spend as much of your game time as you can in Hyrule!

But as much fun as the Wii is in giving a different gaming experience, the Xbox 360 is able to give a fantastic online gaming experience. So once you are done with the mystery of the twilight princess you'll hang up your sword and grab back your chainsaw to play Gears Of War.

And then, whenever you need to work off some stress you'll boot up the trusty Wii, pop in Wii sports and lay the smack down on some poor Mii.

Welcome to the world of the Wii60!

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The Wii is a nice little console. It offers a unique gamer experience, and for the first time it's very easy for people to learn to play certain games. And anyone who sees it in action always has the urge to try it, and the best thing is? Depending on the games some might be very easy to play no matter how much gamer experience you have.

Gears Of War on the Xbox 360 is a fanatastic game, and everytime my mother watches me play she will comment on how nice the graphics look, and how bloody things get. But my mother would never even begin to understand how to work a controller to play GOW.

But when I'm playing Wii Bowling, it's easy to let my mother to try out the game. All I have to do is to tell her which button to release to let the ball go and she's able to bowl more or less like she's playing the real thing. Same goes for Wii boxing, when I let my colleagues try out my Wii, the first question they ask was "which button do I press to punch?" I love it when I can answer "Just act like you're beating down your worse enemy"

Then one of them started punching like a girl, so delicate and soft, so soft until the Wiimote couldn't even pick up the punch motion!

But one thing's for sure, everyone who tried out the Wii really felt like getting one of their own cause of how fun it was, and also how simple it would be to play with their children I guess. ;)

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# Monday, 05 February 2007

Could have been done a bit better I feel.

Let's get the first question that people will ask out of the way first, so how much does Windows Vista costs? OK.. let's go for a pricing table.

Edition Full Ver Upgrade Ver
Home Basic RM859 RM446
Home Premium RM1020 RM686
Business RM1271 RM855
ULTIMATE!!! RM1703 RM1118

The general response I get when I tell people how much it costs is "WAH SO EXPENSIVE ARRR!!!??!!" For the first few people that said that I explain to them that.

  1. Pick the RIGHT edition for your needs, not everyone needs Vista Ultimate! If you just use your PC for simple office apps or just to play games and expect little use of the other OS features, guess what? HOME BASIC WORKS FINE FOR THAT! Here's the link to the compare editions page on the Windows Vista site, have a look see.
  2. You buying a piece of software that you're going to be using almost whenever you use your computer (yes, I said almost to take into account all those people who dual boot) for oh.. the next 2~3 years maybe even longer. And you call the price expensive?

OK.. 2nd questions that I kept getting asked. "So I upgrade?" Very tough call, Windows Vista does bring some pretty nifty features that would make your life easier. Readyboost gives 1GB notebooks the potential to be as spiffy as notebooks with higher amounts of RAM. The nice integrated search is welcomed for some people. But the main thing that stops me from saying "Yes, please upgrade to Vista now if you can." is LUA as I mentioned here. Until you're sure the programs you're using can properly support Vista's new security model, you might want to hold off the upgrade.

It should be ok for you to buy a new PC with Vista pre installed, but again... it's about wheter or not the programs you use the most can work with Vista or not.

Now.. about the launch event at Low Yat during the weekend. A few rants I'd like to put out.

Here's the video of the night launch, just click the play button to get it to start caching first.

Where's The Love For Existing Customers?
So.. Windows Vista was launched and the software was being sold at the launch event, but whenever I asked about the upgrade version they told me the stock wasn't in yet. While it is true that most people would go for the full version, some of us would like to take advantage of the cheaper upgrade pricing.

More Talk About The Features, Less Rapping And Dancing.
During the official launch event at 8PM where the MS Malaysia MD, Yasmin Mahmood came out, it was an ideal time to talk about Vista's features and get the already attentive crowd stoked on the product. But instead all of 5 MINUTES were spent to talk about the features, then they brought on a rap group for entertainment. (You can see this when I finish uploading my video)

If You're Gonna Pay Money For A Rap Group, Make Sure They're Worth It.
So.. they got local rap/pop/whatever group K-Town Clan (I think that's how it's spelt) to give a little concert during the event. I personally have no idea who they are so I can only gauge their popularity based on the crowd's response. So.. for reference there's a crowd of 900 people (according to what Yasmin said during her little keynote) So when the MC goes "I want you all to say K-Town Clan.. K-Town Clan.." and I couldn't hear any chanting at all from the back of the crowd where I was I just have to wonder wheter having them there added anything at all to the event. Then when the group comes up and greets everyone with a "Alright, everybody make some noise!!!!" and the crowd whimpers.. Something's wrong right there.

Must Music Be Played THAT Loudly?
While the concert was on, and during some other events during the day they pumped some pretty LOUD rocking music through the speakers surrounding the event area. So loud that there was no way I could talk to anyone in the booths for information. Why do people do that at events? Why hamper the customer from gathering information?

ReadyBoost Does NOT Add Memory To Your System
Windows ReadyBoost is one of the cool new features in Windows Vista, what it is essentially is that it allows you to use an external memory device ie. USB Key, SD Card, CF Card, etc. etc. with proper performance specifications to be used as a additional CACHE area which can be accessed faster than the swap file on the hard disk. It does NOT add memory to your system. So if you plugged in a 4GB USB thumb drive and use it to Readyboost your system you do not get an additional 4GB of RAM available for use in the system. Why am I mentioning this? Because the OFFICIAL Windows Vista Edition of Hardware Magazine that was being distributed around during the event keeps mentioning that ReadyBoost DOES ADD MEMORY to your system. Oh... the problems that's gonna cause.

Videos to follow once I get them uploaded.

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# Saturday, 03 February 2007

Hey guess what?  Miss the speech recognition is actually quite a lot better than Windows XP, I would say it's actually quite usable it seems to be getting more so than things right but it can't seem to be able to understand me saying windows Mr. I have no idea why maybe it's my pronunciation baby address, pronounced the V were all in all I am quite impressed roof the function of the box speech recognition in the new windows Mr. Of cost now I think the nutrients a mall dictation might be problematic but controlling windows brief speech seems to be a pretty good idea I can also correct errors beat the easily with buffalo the speech on full blown interface and if used to go and get it this entire block entry list TV and using voice dictation I just didn't decide to go through all of the trouble of correcting all the errors wish I could've done pretty easily I think. . .

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# Thursday, 01 February 2007

Yeeeeesss... must ensure that there' no rejection to that which will accompany him through life.

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