# Saturday, 13 January 2007
OK, so pretty much everyone has heard of Apple's recently announced Apple iPhone phone device. I guess some of my friends would like to see what I think about the thing.

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# Wednesday, 10 January 2007

32275 Gamerscore possible,
8904 Gamerscore obtained,
353 Achievements unlocked,
63 Games played,
1 Year Of Xbox Live.

Today my XBox 360 turns one, one year of XBox Live fun, one year of next generation fun!

Wonder how the next year will be?

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If you're going to provide a recovery DVD because of some licensing issue that doesn't allow you to provide the actual OS installation DVDs. Can you please make sure that they can boot on an external USB DVD Drive? Especially for laptops which DO NOT have a DVD drive to begin with? Cause I sure as hell ain't going to buy your overpriced drive accesory just to restore my OS!

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# Saturday, 06 January 2007

Following an earth quake a few weeks ago, the international lines were cut, even the redundant ones. Net performance has just been terrible terrible after that.

I can't connect my IM apps, and even if I DO connect, messages might not get through.

TMNut seems to be working on something with the LOCAL lines, and thus I can't even RDP into my office servers at the LOCAL data center to get my work done.

Having a shoddy connection is seriously hampering my Xbox 360 experience, I have trouble connecting to the Live network, and even if I can it's damn right impossible to play with anyone outside of Malaysia.

Luckily the server hosting this blog doesn't seem to be affected by the line outages, so as long as Maxis doesn't screw up you can be sure to get Live updates on my child's birth! ;)

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# Thursday, 04 January 2007

To add to my ever growing list of reasons why I should never EVER accept a project to make a Windows application meant for mass distribution instead of being used internally by the client company.

So... the program has finally made it to the UAT stage, and we're sitting together in the testing room and members of the test team are installing the program. Then one person says "It's telling me to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0" so I tell him to use the one which I had downloaded earlier.

Then he says "It's telling me I need to install Windows Installer 3.0". I looked at the screen, sure enough one of the prerequisites of the .Net Framework 2.0 is the Windows Installer 3.0 runtime. But the installer was kind enough to provide a link to the download. It's a small download, only about 2MB which is nothing compared to the .Net Framework.

Then he says "Aiyo... it needs geniue validation lar." I looked at the Microsoft Geniue Validation button that was showing on his screen, then I asked him what the problem is. "That means a lot of people will be unable to use the program. Can we work around this arr?"

I tried hard not to scream about condoning piracy, I shrugged, grinned a bit and kept repeating to myself.

This is the last time...
This is the last time...
This is the last time...

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