# Monday, 02 October 2006

When I go travelling I carry quite a few gadgets with me. My Pocket PC phone, the Creative Zen Vision, Bluetooth GPS unit and a Nintendo DS Lite.

Some people wonder why I just don't get a powerful, GPS capable Pocket PC phone and thus elminate the need to carry around so many other doodads. Well there's a simple answer to that question.

Battery Life, the phone when in use has about 3~4 hours of continous ON time, meaning backlight on and I'm doing something with it. Like a notebook the actual time depends on what I do with it. The Zen Vision also lasts about the same time, the GPS lasts about 10 hours, but I never tested it before. And the DS Lite lasts about 5 hours.

Now... if I only used the Pocket PC for all my entertainment purposes, within 3 hours I'd be without a phone. Which is definetly not a situation anyone wants to be in. But with seperate devices I don't have to worry about the dependencies on one battery, I can keep watching movies on my Vision till the batteries run out, play my DS lite till it goes flat and still my phone has enough juice to get through the day.

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# Saturday, 30 September 2006

Today I was at APIIT to do a presentation about the XBox 360, so I went through what  I did previously at MIND. Which was after a brief show of gameplay, I'd talk about other features of the 360. Friends list, downloadable content, various features of micro transactions, etc. etc. I noticed that the audience really didn't like it when I was talking about other things, there felt like an audible groan when they heard about stuff that cost money. They realy didn't seem to care much about the mechanics or business of selling micro transactions online.

They did however express a lot of attention and enthusiasm when I was playing trailers, game demos, etc. etc. I reflected on this issue when I got back home and realised... they are mostly full time students still studying and such, of course they wouldn't be that interested in the business side of things since it doesn't affect them yet. So I should have just shown lots and lots of games... and trailers.

Know your audience.. choose the right content!

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# Friday, 29 September 2006

Just discovered something interesting online a few days ago, Windows Vista will NOT support VS2k3 as a developement enviroment. That's just very very sad and bad news for me to hear. Cause developers are usually on the fore front of the technology curve and now there exists a great big STOP sign tellling me NOT to upgrade to Vista on the day of release!

When I read "Will not support VS2k3" I thought ok.. the program would run but there'd be no support if certain issues cropped up. To me this is an acceptable issue even though I know to a lot of people this is not. I know that the newlimited user security accesss would probably fark up a lot of low level programs so if they choose to concentrate to make VS2k5 work on it instead of VS 2k3 then fine, as long as I can still open up my old projects and compile them...

But this doesn't seem to be the case! According to a friend who has a Vista box with the latest build installed, trying to open a project causes an error to occur, rendering 2k3 useless under Vista.

This is unacceptable! Cause I have certain projects which cannot be moved to .Net 2.0 for the close future and if I can't work on them on Vista. Then Vista will have to wait then!

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# Monday, 25 September 2006

So I got back from work today, and there's this Play Asia box waiting for me at home... aaaa, the thing I ordered a week ago has arrived. So I opened up the box and pull out the little toy waiting inside.

Suddenly my wife who was sitting on the sofa beside me said "The baby's responding to the mushroom." I asked her if she's sure, she told me that everything was nice and calm... until I pulled the mushroom out of the box.

I reseted the mushroom ontop of her stomach and watched as it bounced up and down a little as the fetus kicked inside her.

Aaaaaaa...  Prenatal education...

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I thought one of the servers died over the weekend, even though you have all manner of backups in place I can't help holding my breath till I confirmed that the server was a ok and just needed a quick restart to get everything up and running again.

God.. I can get a heart attack like this.

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