# Sunday, 30 April 2006

Lately work has just been so busy... and then when I come home the 360 is waiting for me. I just don't feel like I have enough time to work on anything else.

But... I do feel like doing something, maybe something to give back to the local gaming community.

Well I hope I can actually see the project through, there's just so many things to worry about hahaha... ooo.. let's just wait and see lar.

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# Thursday, 06 April 2006

So... let's play a game. How much force does it take to move an old parked Toyota Corolla about 5 meters?

In fact if it wasn't for the fact that there was a Kembara in the way I think it might have flew even FURTHER!!

Anyway to answer the question...

Enough force to make the oncoming Kancil/Kelisa to flip on it's side. I didn't blot out all of the guy's plate number (The last number is NOT 4) because after smashing into my brother's PARKED car and then coming out from the Kancil with the faint but distinct scent of alcohol on him. And then he tells me he wasn't drinking?!?!?! If you weren't drinking why the heck were you driving so fast in a housing estate until you gained enough mometum to shove my brother's car from where it was parked into our neighbour's Kembara?

I wonder who's car was damage more, My brothers?

Or his..

The Kancil get's extra damage points cause when the tow truck came, instead of gently lifting the car up. They just pushed it right side up, I think your wheels would probably get damaged by that. And yes.. that's the dumbass driver!

Also in another food for thought on the topic of WHAT THE HECK was he doing to cause him to smash into my brother's car, this is the first thing he discarded from inside his car after it was flipped upright.

A container.. STILL OPEN... with left over Fried Kuay Teow if I'm not mistaken, I peeked inside the car there was no spillage which I could see so maybe he finished it before.

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# Monday, 03 April 2006

Whoops... when I switch over to DasBlog for my blogging engine I stuck my links to my programs and stuff on the right hand side.. see that small programs word there? Yup.. there's the spot. Then as I was looking through the logs yesterday I saw people looking for M2SimCopy using the DasBlog search, you're definetly not gonna find it there! OK.. note to self, put link on TOP below the site name.. :P

The link to my programs page is here : http://www.marauderzstuff.com/programs/default.aspx

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# Sunday, 02 April 2006

Visual Studio 2005 is a GREAT tool to use and code with. After using it for a while you really don't want to go back to any other IDE. Cause it allows a programmer to be really productive, with lots of time saving code generation tools and what not.

And there lies the problem, a lot of people just click click click to build their programs and never really go into understanding what the IDE did for them. What code was generated, what the code does, and most importantly what makes the code WORK. The thing is generated code can never be used in every single situation, if you do not understand how the generated code works, how are you going to change it or improvise on it to get it to do your bidding?

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At first the McD delivery service was interesting, and useful. Since well they devliered something else other than pizza. And it's something you could eat much more regularly than pizza. But then a few months back the first little stain on their record happened to me where when I called them to order during a weekday and they tell me... "We can't take our order now, we're too busy!" Errr.. ok... But weren't you guys expecting the load?

And just now was pretty much the last straw, I made an order and they said it'd take 45~60 mins to arrive. An hour later and still nothing so I called them to see what was wrong, they told me that the order was closed which I gather means that the order should have been delivered. I told them no it's not delivered. And after being put on hold for a while she tells me her supervisor would call me back in a while.... The supervisor didn't call me back.

I call them again, hunger.. starvation... [b]anger[/b]... all building up... Again I tell them my order wasn't delivered, again they told me my order is closed, again they put me on hold, again they said their supervisor would call me back. This time I told them.. supervisor now! When the supervisor told me to wait again I blew my top, screwed them about the delays, actually used a fuck in my anger. (causing my wife to be pretty annoyed) 10 mins later they FINALLY delivered the full, I didn't say a word to the delivery boy. I just paid him knowing that this is probably the last time I'm ordrering McD delivery!

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