# Friday, 03 March 2006

My Streamyx line was just being useless lately with lines having hiccups nearly every half an hour so I called up Streamyx to file a complaint and they told me that I had to be in front of my desktop and that my line had to be directly connected to the PC for them to 'help me' and if they were unable to help me THEN ONLY would they file a fault report. I blew my top upon hearing such things and hung up on them.

And then I come back at home and what happens? The phone line which was I was using to connect to Streamyx? GONE.. DEAD... no dialtone!! Coincedence?? I don't think so! Someone must be getting at revenge... damn I wish there were more broadband providers around town!

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# Wednesday, 01 March 2006

OK... I got my flight booked... I got my hotel booked... everything is ready as long as no emergencies pop up I should be go to go to Singapore on the 15th for the 360 launch. Yahoo!!!!

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# Monday, 27 February 2006

If you have any friends who say they don't mind the load times of a PSP, go ahead and point them to this little YouTube link.


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There's something wrong with our water, it smells like an old sock... it stinks.. it has this salty feeling to it. Heck I fel unsafe just TASTING it and spitting it out.

Maybe something died in the water reservoir but you'd need something pretty big to make the whole tank stink I think.

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# Sunday, 26 February 2006

So I went over to a Dopod user group gathering on Saturday to talk to other Dopod users and also mee tup with the technical service people to see if I can get some questions answered.

Unfortunately the attituide of those techincal service people was exactly what I expected as demonstrated by the following scenarios.

  • One of the users where having a problem with his 838 was not synching with the desktop, on a quick check of his device something was amiss. His Inbox app wasn't working properly. His Remove Programs applet was completely screwed up and wans't displaying ANYTHING installed on the device, which wasn't normal at all. I asked him what was the last thing he did before he couldn't sync, he said he went to one of the PDA shops and they helpfully installed a few apps for him. Aaaaa... the follies of piracy... I told him that it would seem that something they installed must have screwed up his 838, and the only thing I could think of now is to hard reset the device. But he didn't feel like it, well I too also don't like the idea but I told him if he asked those tech support ppl that were present they would just tell him to hard reset. So he goes and tells the tech support person about his problem and without skipping a beat tech support says.. "Have you tried hard reseting yet?"
  • Another user was having a little problem with Outlook which I didn't catch, the only thing which I caught was tech support saying "Have you tried reinstalling Outlook?"
  • When users pressed tech support about new features, tech support person turned marketing and said "Microsoft will release second edition then you'll have to upgrade to a new device probably!"

With this incident I'm never ever gonna believe ANYTHING these distrbutors say about their products again, the last time was the Sagem marketing person saying O2 was not coming to market with the XDA Mini and that O2 has given up the Malaysian market.

Well... O2 HAS quit the Malaysian market officially (Now there's only a distribution channel via SiS) BUT... they did release the Mini to great success.

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