# Wednesday, 05 December 2012

After the trip to Legoland Malaysia we went to Universal Studios Singapore the next day!


If you're planning a trip, here's the first tip. This is the ticketing booth.


Notice the long queue? Now the tip is that, if you came in through the parking the escalator that brings you up to the Universal Studios entrance is close to where the tour buses park. There are bus ticket booths that also happen to sell tickets for Universal Studios there, there's literally no queue there so just make sure you're aware of the ticket prices for the day you're going and make sure you're not being scalped and buy the tickets from them to avoid the queue.

Immediately after crossing the entrance, I found what I was thinking about after seeing it yesterday in Legoland Malaysia.


Stroller rental! I saw the same design but in a different color in Legoland Malaysia which leads me to believe that this is a very common thing to have in Theme Parks. Now some of you might be asking If my son is old enough to walk properly, why put him in a stroller? The answer is because your son will not survive spending the whole day walking under the hot Asian sun, if not for him, think about how much hard it would be for YOU to carry him under the hot Asian sun once he is unable to walk anymore!

So we ended up at the first ride which I knew I just HAD to get on.


The sign out at the entrance said 50 MINUTE WAIT TIME. Which was pretty much equivalent to a death sentence since I had WZ along, and he BARELY survived a 15 minute wait in Legoland the day before. That's when I saw the Universal Express lane, I recalled that certain theme parks had special charges if you want to beat the queue and screw the waiting. I hoped into the souvenir shop next to the ride which CONVINIENTLY happened to sell the tickets, it cost an extra SGD50 for each PERSON to get the express pass. How effective was this express pass? It cut the wait time of 50 minutes to...


My wife totally impressed with the experience asked me after the thrilling 4 minutes ride in which WZ couldn't figure out wheter to hang on to the guard rail or the 3d specs (make kid sizes man!) and totally freaked out at the drop in the end. "Why the hell didn't you just buy the express pass to begin with?" I replied that I wasn't sure if it'd be worth the money and she'd just be angry that I'd spent extra for something which wasn't useful. "No, you do NOT save money when you can have more fun on a vacation!" So there you have it...

If you want to remember you trip as in playing all the fun rides instead of spending half the day waiting in line... buy the express ticket if the crowd is really big.

In case you're wondering there's a sort of anti abuse control on the Express ticket, you can use it only ONCE PER RIDE, so holders can't abuse it to hog a ride, it's really for people who just want to enjoy the park... seriously we had ZERO wait time on everything!

We came to a double roller coaster which my wife just had to go on.


I personally don't like roller coasters so I waited outside with WZ


While mommy went for a ride. 5 minutes later she came back feeling awesome about the ride, as she brushed her hair in excitement she realized her hair clip came off during the ride, and that was her BEST HAIR CLIP EVER!! I was about to console her when she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out ANOTHER HAIR CLIP! Seeing which I immediately switched from compassionate to sacarsticly curious and asked why the hell does she have a backup hair clip in her POCKET! She didn't even have to rummage through her bag, it was "OMG I lost my hair clip!" and whoosh, backup hair clip is pulled out from the pocket!

We managed to go on a few other rides after that thanks to the express pass, I'm pretty sure everyone in the lines we were walking past was wondering Why the fark those people don't need to queue? Oh... again, one thing to remember is that the minimum height limit for the rides which kids can actually use is 102CM one of the rides WZ just barely squeeze in because he looked up when he was being measured and he touched the minimum height bar. So again.. very important if you want to bring a kid to enjoy the theme park. Make sure they can actually ENJOY it!

One nice thing about the trip was that it was cloudy the whole day, so the sun wasn't roasting us, but as I mentioned in the Legoland post, if the sun isn't out to kill you, then it means...


Rain's a coming!!

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