# Monday, 12 April 2010

Well I'm done packing and ready to head out the the Malaysian launch of Visual Studio 2010 tomorrow, and if you can't make it there physically, you can still watch a LIVE webcast of the event if your office Internet holds up at the local event site.

I'm done packing, and I'm bringing a little friend for a little trial run.


And of course, because a hacked up little cage containing a SLAB and a bunch of velcro straps would probably scare the bejesus out of everyone.


Now I just like look like some dumb schmuck who is hanging a small bag from the probably fragile and not meant for load bearing hook on his bag.

Seriously... I don't know if the little strap will hold or not! Not even sure how long the battery would last... heck the last time I was in Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, cell phone reception was pretty crappy! Would I even got proper signal in there this time?

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