# Sunday, 19 April 2009

I need to find a new in car holder for my Diamond, cause like I mentioned when I first got my current holder about 2 years ago. The holder only attaches to the case via friction, and thus after countless repetitions of inserting and removing, it can't hold the device properly anymore. So I found this in an Ace Hardware store.


It's pretty much what you'd call a standard in car holder, spring loaded clamps that hold on to the device by using some sponges, a FIXED arm that looks like a 5, and a suction cup to stick onto your car wind shield. It can do one nifty trick though.


The holder itself can be rotated at the neck, so if for some reason you wanted to view your device in landscape orientation, you can do so. Also the suction cup on this thing is STRONG, I am not worried that it will fall off my windscreen. But then again I haven't droved under the sun for an extended period with this so we'll see.

What's this thing called?


It's the Car Universal Holder, CRYSTAL EDITION! You know it's the crystal edition because... see those 3 dots on the clamps? Yup.. .diamonds.. or rather a piece of plastic that was meant to look like a diamond, or maybe they wanted a crystal look instead? The holder can also be attached to an air cond vent holder but that doesn't didn't work out too well for me.

How much for this little thing? RM15.... I still remember how much car holders used to cost when not every phone had build in GPS, almost 10 times this price. How times have changed.

Another interesting thing I found while I was shifting through the errr... flea market section was this.


It's a one piece USB A to Mini-B connector, I immediately picked up 2 of these from the pile they had for RM3 each. I always wanted to get one of these over at Brando's but I'm glad I found them locally and cheaper too. It is immediately apparent to some people that because the thing is fixed you'd have some funny orientation problems. For example, here's what it looks like when I connect my Touch Diamond using the connector.


So my wife asked me why the heck did I buy another thing to add to my already fat keychain, when a cable works much better. I threw out the standard, this is a last resort emergency situation gear excuse. It's for those times when you need to plug something into USB and there's nary a cable in sight.

I don't think she bought the excuse.

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