# Saturday, 14 February 2009

So there I was after picking up my Street Fighter IV I foolishly walked into a toy shop and saw this girl, she was carrying a sign.


Asking people to join her club. And with a face like this.


How could I possibly say no as I hurriedly picked her up. This is of course Revoltech's Haruhi figure. Not to be confused with the Figma Haruhi figure.


First thing the wife ask is of course "Don't you already have one?" Well you see..


Of course there are some difference between the 2 figures, most notably of course, this being the bunny suit version. The Revoltech Haruhi is from Revoltech's Fraulein line (I got no time to type an accented a in there) which touts.. and I quote is a figure system capable of producing beautiful body lines and motion as natural as real lives.


The front lower body section (near the tummy) is not plastic but rather PVC so that it can twist and look realistic, heck it MUST be special since it gets it's own bullet point on the box! The legs also are much more normal looking compared to Figma's chicken leg style.


But one thing that I have never been able to stand about Revoltech figures is the damn stand! (Hey.. saw what I did there?)


As I mentioned before in my Ryu and Chun Li posts, the damn Revoltech stands SUCK! And this one isn't any better, it's just a straight pole up, an elbow at the top, followed by some thing that resembles a collar to hold your figure under the arm pits. I guess this is the ideal position to show off this stand.


This is just wrong in SO MANY ways.. first of all it doesn't actually GRIP the figure, you just plop the figure on the thing and hope the hook catches the figure under the elbow. Well since the hook is slightly elastic you could just make it clamp down on the side of her breasts.

Another thing which I hate about Revoltech figures is that the darn Revoltech joints have click notches on them so they aren't really freely posable. Also for this figure specifically, I find it QUITE hard to pose without the stand cause.. she's wearing heels, so the surface contact isn't a lot. And also, the bunny ears makes her head top heavy!


Gheez.. I wonder how hard it would have been for them to just make a longer segmented stand, and maybe come up with a better way of holding the figure up.. well the usual hole in the back works well! Not everyone wants to have a display case of figures standing straight up by being proped up under their elbows!

So let's have a comparison shot of the two figures.


Revoltech Haruhi is taller and the joints look err.. less weird compared to Figma Haruhi. But both are nicely crafted figures. One plus side for Revoltech Haruhi is of course the fact that.


She has some essential props included! And damn....


She's got FRIENDS coming!

And I took a few shots in RAW and then converted them to JPG after tweaking the brightness a bit. I think I forgot my monitor wasn't displaying at full brightness though, that's why everything looked dark. So via Silverlight DeepZoom you can see how's the detail on the figure.

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