# Sunday, 17 February 2013

I recently acquired two interesting keychain tools from Swisstech.


The smaller one on the left is called the Screwz-All, while the bigger one is the MicroMax. My main pocket tool is still the Leatherman Squirt P4 (Wow.. it's been with me for 6 years now!) It's a fantastic tool, but there's one gripe about it.


The Phillips screw driver on the Squirt is a single flat blade, while it works the fact that it's just a single piece of metal means that it can't deal with any tight screws, cause if you apply too much force when turning the screw, you WILL damage the screw driver. Something I learnt from getting a few nicks on the Squirt as you can see.

This is why the Swiss Tech tools were so interesting to me. Because the Swiss Tech tools are basically a full sized Phillips Screwdriver head on an extremely short shaft.

The Screwz-All just pivots out into it's respective heads, to get a better grip while using it you an form a T shape with the heads which you aren't using.


The MicroMax holds a pair of pliers, wire cutters, bottle cap openner (ppl still use those?) and it's groves form two hex nut sizes


On one handle you get 3 sizes of slotted screw drivers.


On the other side you get the Phillips screw drivers... and a hand drill. I don't really know WHY I'd want to use a miniscule drill but now I have one! That's one of the reasons I got the MicroMax.


The tools are STRONG and feel like a normal screw driver! During the recent Chinese New Year holidays I used the MicroMax to reposition a rusted shower head screw in the shoddy hotel I was staying in. It would have been possible with the Squirt but I would have just ended up damaging it because the rust made it very difficult to turn the screw.

While the MicroMax looks like it's a great tool for such a small package there are a few problems to be aware of. First of all, while it is quite obvious how you can form a T with the Screwz All to give you a handle while using it, the width of the MicroMax makes finding a usable grip more awkward.

Secondly, the handles which pivot out are kept in place in it's folded form by friction alone. The Phillips screwdriver side seems to be tighter because the grooves of the drill keep it in place, but on my Micro Max, the slotted screwdriver handle feels a bit loose, I wonder in what shape it'd be in a few more weeks.

Lastly, I bought the MicroMax after I bought the Screwz All because the MicroMax offered an additional smaller screw driver size. But when I looked at the head of the small Phllips Screwdriver...


The smaller head is the one on the LEFT, poor manufacturing basically made it more or less the same size as the bigger head on the right. So that's a serious WTF moment when I realized that.

In closing, I'd highly recommend the Screwz All to anyone, the Micro Max? Not so much. If you're a parent you really should carry a screw driver with you. Why? you ask. All the toys and fans you bring around to entertain your little baby with? Their battery doors are usually secured through a screw to make it baby safe, you wouldn't want to be without a means of replacing batteries on something important when you're on the move right? Winking smile

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