# Saturday, 20 December 2008

So.. Yoroi invited me to his house to rock out on Guitar Hero 4 : World Tour. I decided to play the drums cause I didn't like the feel of strumming a fake guitar. At least with the drums I can just keep hitting with no remorse.

And no remorse I did.. as I was playing I had this creepy feeling at the back of my head that whenever I missed and hit something other than the drum pad, like say.. the edge of the pad, the screw head on the snare.. the plastic board of the drumset. I keep wondering if I would break anything.

Then after a stop for some food and we started another gig, I brought my right drumstick down on the green pad and instead of the *pof* that it normally makes, that was a loud *snap* followed by the sound of a small bit of plastic hitting the floor.

I looked at the pad and.. seems like after the food break I forgot to fold the drumstick holders back into the base so I hit the right side one in deployed mode and.. I broke it!

Frantically I tried to repair it the best I can and thus this was the duct taped result.


It still works.. though it'll never fully park back into the base.. and it feels flimsy when you fold it in and out of the set. And Yoroi has gained an instant conversation starter whenever other people plays the drums.

"Dude.. why does the drum stick holder looks like it's bandaged?" "Yeah, cause dumb ass Marauderz decided that it was in his way and smacked it with his stick!"

I knew I was gonna break something that night!

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