# Monday, 14 July 2008

As I was feeding WZ yesterday night, his hand reached up and grabbed my hand that was holding the bottle. At first I thought he just wanted to hold my hand, then I realized the tugging motion he was putting on my hand, he wanted to throw my hand away! Then he reached both hands up beside the bottle and I realized what he wanted, I let go of the bottle as his hands closed in on it.

Usually 2 seconds later he'll let go, but this time... this time he hung on, this time he actually tilted the bottle to drink, this time he was actually drinking himself!

He pulled out the bottle from his mouth, and then with a quick motion he stabbed it back into his mouth.

But he missed and stabbed it into his nostril instead.

I pulled it out before too much milk got in. :P

But he actually managed to finish the bottle ALL BY HIMSELF!!!


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