# Monday, 10 December 2007

OK... here's what's been happening with the eeePC so far.


It's currently running Windows XP SP2, after I was unable to remove the Page File from the Windows Vista install. Since I don't want to wear down the SSD, I have to make sure that I remove the Page File from the OS. Also... following some drama at the Asus service center, my eeePC is currently has 2GB of RAM in it, that pretty much means I shouldn't need a page file as long as I don't run too many things at the same time.

Another source of disk trashing was the temporary internet files folder, I first tried to move that to the SD card but the slow speed of the card SERVERLY hampered the browsing experience. After a suggestion by someone at LowYat.Net, I've dedicated 150MB to a RAM disk where the files are stored and it seems to work great so far.

I think my other laptops like the company.


In order to carry the eeePC around, I decided to buy a new bag for the trips where I don't need all my gear.


In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have bought a NORMAL messenger bag, I should have bought a messenger bag for a computer, cause now... all I get is a BIG pocket.. and a zippered REAR pocket, I guess I'm not used to normal bags anymore. Anyway.. the rear pocket fits the eeePC nice and snug.


And the adapters and other shit goes into the main compartment. Part of the reasons as to why I got the bag was because I was entranced by the pictures on the flap of the bag.


But... since it carries my stuff so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

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