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In the last few post about toys and stuff I used Zoom.It to allow readers to access the full resolution images to see the detail of the pictures, if you didn't realize that the pictures were any different because you didn't click on them. Well that's the beauty of a Zoom. It picture, it works on most Javascript capable browsers even though the experience is smoother with the Silverlight viewer. So for those of you who missed it previously, here's a good use for Zoom.It. To be able to present and show fine detail of your picture to the viewer. (Click in the image to zoom, drag, fullscreen for details)

This of course uses Microsoft's Multi Scale Image technique (was it called Sea Horse? I can't remember) When I first showed this to the SemiPro His main comment was "Neat trick, but not very usable in the real world." His argument was that being able to zoom in like this encourages pixel peepers and not to mention the fact that people look ugly up close.

And those are very valid points, pixel peepers are scary people. Giving them such an easy way to spot an off color pixel, or easily detect Photoshop edits is a very bad thing indeed.

The other point is of course, as I found out after using my macro lens a few years back. There are somethings you don't want to be able to see up close. For example.. cute shot of WZ and the aftermath of a cold.

Versus... Not so cute shot of my unshaven face. Zoom in at your own peril!

Granted my wife did say after taking the picture "Your face not so bad lar" then started running for cover when I took back the camera.

It doesn't matter so much to me if people say that I take lousy pictures and stuff since at no point do I need that as part of my resume therefore I don't mind putting detailed pics up for viewing. Hmmmmm… I guess if I feel like it one of these days I should revisit PC Fair or some model shoot and get a nice collection of pics with my macro lens. ;)

And here's a major advantage of Zoom.It, because the pics are untouched you get the full detail. Zoom in fully on to the left eye of WZ in his picture (the eye on the left side of the pic, not WZ's left eye) Did you just have a CSI moment?

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