# Wednesday, 04 April 2007

I was setting up a demo on a partner's notebook. Something which I wasn't expecting to do, since we were suppoesd to be presenting the demo on our equipement. And also because it involved the creation of an Ad Hoc WiFi connection, something which in my past experience had a 50/50 chance of working.

As I tried to get his system to attach to the Ad Hoc network, the OS popped up a message box saying that the system was not configured to connect to AdHoc networks. So I popped into the wireless properties page and toggled the setting to allow connection to Ad Hoc networks and then I clicked Apply and I get a message box saying "Wireless settings could not be saved!"

WTF? So I tried a few more times with the same results. Then I realised that his system was attached to a domain, and wondered if the domain policy was not to allow them to change the settings. So I mentioned that to the partner, telling him that his machine might be locked down by the domain policy and he might need to check with his IT department to get the settings done.

He replied "Don't worry I'm sure the IT engineers can handle it, they all have Cisco certifications."

I was dumbstruck by the sudden name dropping of his IT department's qualifications... DUDE!! I'm your partner, not your client, you don't need to and CAN'T impress me with stuff like this. I DON'T CARE whether your enginners are Cisco certified or not, since if it is a domain policy issue, I hope they have MCSA certifications too!

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