# Friday, 06 July 2007

A package from HK was awaiting me when I got home today, it contained 3 items I ordered from PDAir (take note.. it's PDAir.. not PDAAir) for my Dopod C730. The 3 things combine to form this little photo.

The Goods!!

Of the 3 items. One works PERFECTLY.. one has me very annoyed.. and one has me in the Why the fark did I waste money on this? mood. And now for the short review..

Let's talk about the items, first of all is the HTC 3-In-1 USB Audio adapter.


Like I mentioned in my review, the C730 doesn't come with a standard audio jack and you needed an audio converter cable like this if you wanted to connect a standard stereo jack to it. But I got greedy and bought this dongle instead. You plug the USB Mini A jack end to your phone, and then it serves 3 functions, first of all it gives you a standard audio socket which you can plug all your usual headphones, speakers, etc. etc. in. Next you can still plug in the HTC specific headphones with the weird USB like plugs, (but I don't know if you can use both the HTC audio plug AND the speaker jack at the same time, yup.. I don't remember where I threw the bundled headset.) And.. at the same time you're listening the tunes, you can plug in a USB cable to sync/charge your C730.

This works PERFECTLY!!!! Highly recommended!!

The next thing in line is the leather case for HTC Cavalier/HTC S630/SoftBank X02HT/Dopod C730 - Flip Type.


I was awaiting this with baited breath.. you see.. I've had something dangling on my belt since.. since... hmmm.. since I got my 1st handphone, and for the past few weeks where I had to put my C730 in my pocket, I felt... empty.. like a piece of me was missing! (Yes, my wife says I have a problem) But the moment I sliped the C730 into the case, screwed in the belt clip nib, clamped the belt clip on my belt and finally with a *click* as the nib mated with the belt clip... I was whole again.... (Yes, my wife was shocked to see the look of satisfaction on my face as I locked the case onto my belt)

That feeling lasted until I removed the case from my belt to try out the in case operation feel of the device.


Nothing really wrong with the in case operation, the soft keys are a bit covered so you might bump into the case while you try to press them. The case's tongue which serves as the clasp might look annoying but considering the fact that it's straddled between your thumbs when you type it doesn't get in the way much. The camera button is recessed into a groove at the side, so you'll have to use your finger nail to poke it, that is still not the problem. The problem was.. when I opened the case after putting it on my belt the screen's backlight was still ON. I pondered how long did I left it on the belt.. but.. my backlight time out is 15 seconds, and I'm pretty sure I left it on the belt for more than that.

I closed the case, waited a while and opened it again. The backlight was still on, and I was in the dialing screen. In Windows Mobile 6 classic, if you were on the home screen and you hit any letters, numbers or the dial button the phone immediately goes into the dialing screen and starts searching for contact name matches. But there was no number on the screen, so I tried to find out why was the dial button being pressed, then after a while I finally realised what the problem was... the lid was being closed too close to the device's edge, there's no slack at all, and thus.. the SPACE BAR was being pressed!

This got me pretty annoyed, sure.. I always lock my keypad but the fact is that since the space bar is being constantly pressed down like that, it cause undue pressure to the unit so I don't like that. Also, sometimes I like to just hit the Update RSS feeds button or the Check Mail button and let the unit do it's job while I move around it would be annoying to have to remember to lock the device when I did that lest something unintended happens.

The biggest reason I'm annoyed is that... I paid good money for this case that was DESIGNED for the C730, so why the fark do the buttons get pressed while in the case? I'm hoping that given time the leather will stretch and the thing might become loose enough that the button doesn't get pressed

So.. we've been though the PERFECT and the ANNOYING.. so it's time for the MONEY WASTER! It's time for the Car Mount for PDAir Leather Case!!!


At first look it's just like any other goose necked car holder, I had one previously as well it was a generic sliding clamp style holder but on my existing holder the clamps would press on the camera button, and the JOGGR strip if I pressed it too hard, when I saw this available I thought to myself.. I need to find a new holder anyway, this is made FOR the case, by the same manufacturer, should be a PERFECT fit! How wrong I was.. first of all let's look at the holder.


The theory is that to use the case on the holder, all I have to do is just slide the case into holder and that's it! I don't have to remove the device out from the case, don't have to worry that there's a bad grip on the case.. none of that at all, CONVINIENT as the product description puts it! So.. how does the nib fit into the holder? Let's take a look at the nib..


You might want to zoom in for a closer look, but basically the nib has a hexagonial outer edge so what you're expected to do is that you just slide the case in, and the right angled walls of the nib will guide the case into the holder.

1st problem.. the nib is SCREWED into the back of the leather case, so unless you're anal about it you ain't gonna have the walls perfectly aligned to be straight. Now imagine you're sitting in the driver seat, you unclip the case from your belt, and you try to slot it into the holder, but it's not going in!! You have to constantly rotate your device.. was the groove in the 6'O clock position? 2'O clock? It's like blindly feeling for the video port behind your computer with the monitor cable, but minus the shocks. I didn't expect to have to go through a chore to put the case into the holder!

2nd problem... unlike the belt clip, where there's a spring loaded latch that keeps the nib in place, the car mount has none of that, the nib is held in place by the grip between the holder, and the nib itself. Since both things are brand new now, the grip is VERY TIGHT! Everytime I remove the case from the holder it feels as if I might tear the whole screw assembly out of the case.

I feel so DISAPPOINTED with the car mount, I expected it to work flawlessly, I would be able to easily slide in and slide out the case without thinking twice, just like how my old mount worked. But noooooo.... it just feels so wrong.


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