# Saturday, 16 December 2006

A few days ago I found myself stuck in a jam approaching the toll on the federal highway leading from Subang into Shah Alam. Stuck waiting at the cash lane I decided I might as well just go through the Touch And Go reload lane and reload my exhausted Touch & Go chip on my MyKad.

So after a short jam I reached the toll booth and passed the attendant my card and 20 bucks, after a while it seemed that the reload process was taking longer than usual... than after a minute later she started counting the money in her cash register, I started wondering what the heck was she doing since there was a LOT of cars waiting behind mine.

Then after a while later before I said "WTF are you doing over there?!?" She asked me if I ever reloaded my card at an RHB or Maybank ATM. I answered affirmatively, then she just said that my card can't be used anymore and I had to get a new one.

Just like that, she said my card was useless. Before I could even ask for more information the cars behind started honking! I knew if my card was blacklisted just because I reloaded at the ATM there was nothing much she could do anyway. So I left the toll feeling very puzzled.

Now the question is who do I call about my problem? I think I'm gonna get a very big run around about this.

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