# Monday, 08 November 2010

And now for my continuing adventures experimenting with Windows Live ID on my LG Optimus. Today was to test if I can actually BUY something if I had a working credit card attached to the Windows Live ID account on my phone. The reason I am worried that this might not work is because of this.


The phone has it’s originating telco information embedded in its firmware, as you can see my LG Optimus is from Singtel. And from all the reviews I’ve heard on the web, purchases made on the phone are charged to the telco bill. As I’m using a Maxis SIM card in the phone I wasn’t sure what would happen.

But luckily, when I choose to bought a game the phone just mentioned that my credit card would be charged and that was the end of that.

So… in summary. If you have an Windows Live ID account which you managed to attach a working credit card to, YES, YOU CAN BUY STUFF FROM THE WINDOWS PHONE MARKETPLACE.

And I thought my crazy adventures with Windows Live ID was done with until I fired up Zune and logged in to the Singapore account attached to the phone now, at which point Zune greeted me with this.


Granted the change is simple enough, and the dialog box tells you what to do to change your PC’s region (What it doesn’t tell you is that after you make the setting, you need to restart the Zune application) Like one of my friend’s mentioned “WTF?!?!?!” Yes… WTF indeed…

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