# Sunday, 07 June 2009

After 2 day with the pump action Nerf gun, my mother asked me if there was one that didn't require pumping? Cause WZ was constantly asking grandma to shoot darts on the  glass door, and it was tiring for my mother to have to pump it a few times before shooting the thing.

So I got the errr.. standard entry level Nerf dart gun.


It's a simple gun, stick dart in front, pull level on back, pull trigger. The interesting thing about this is that the trigger is soft, not hard so WZ can actually pull the trigger and fire the gun, now I just need to teach him to AIM instead of just pulling the trigger once I pass him the gun!

The performance of the gun is impressive I must say, I'm thinking back to toy guns I used to play with which use a spring to push a heavy plastic dart out the chamber the dart usually didn't go too far, where as now the spring is use to push a plunger which forces the air out of the chamber propelling the soft, light foam dart across long distances!

And everything was fine, other than the fact that there was a constant possibility that the darts would get lost since WZ kept firing them all over the place, and there was only 3 included with the gun.

So today while taking WZ out for a stroll, mommy asked "So would you like anything for father's day?" Oh... plenty... but that would never be possible but then I remember seeing something the other day while getting the gun...


This is the Nerf Maverick, it would be just any other dart gun if not for one big difference.


It has a revolving barrel that holds 6 darts in it's chamber, so it's basically the revoinstead of a crossbow.


The cool thing about the Maverick is that if you're fast and use to how the gun works, you can basically pump, fire, pump, fire six times in quick succession like an old style western revolver. And I'm not sure if it's because it's still a new gun but when you're hit by the rubber tipped darts that the gun came with. It stings like hell! I know first hand cause I was telling mommy to shoot me so I can see how much it hurts if I shoot WZ with it, and from half a living room distance away she plants a dart right below my nose! After the incident THEN she reads the warning on the gun that says Do Not Aim At Eyes Or Face.

After I returned the favour by pelting her with a mixture barrage of rubber tip and suction tip darts we came to the conclusion that the suction tip darts hurt less. Which was great cause...


I kinda bought some extra darts!

With the Maverick I pretty much understand why Nerf guns are considered the weaponary of choice for office warfare. In fact with all this escalation of Nerf force increasing in the household, sooner or later I'm gonna arrive at the end game... The Vulcan...

Anyway WZ also seems to have figured out that.


Suction cups FTW!

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