# Sunday, 24 December 2006

About a week ago I went to look for a wide angle lens for my camera, I found the rack with all the accesories on it, but they didn't mention which camera they were compatible with. So I flagged down a sales girl and asked her which lens was for my camera, she pointed to the rack I came from and said "The lens is over there." Which one? I asked, she said "It's right over there." I told her there's so many over there which one is it then?

Finally she decided to walk over to the rack, she seemed to point at random at one of the lenses and said "This one." I asked to test it. Without skipping a beat she pryed the box containing the lens open, pulled out the lens via a little slit on the box leaving her thumbprint on the lens and then immediately tried to jam it into my camera. Yikes, what a balant disregard for gear! I stopped her before she did any damage to my camera.

After she realised her boo boo, she searched through some brochures to find the proper lens for my camera. Turns out she WAS using the right lens, just that she didn't use the additional adapter rings found in the box which my camera needed. After she raped the box a 2nd time I finally confirmed that the lens worked for my camera. I asked about the price, it was a pretty high RM279 so I decided to think about it.

Fast Forward To Next Saturday

So after using the camera some more I decided Yeah... if I want to take shots of my baby which don't just comprise of his big head I'm gonna need a wide angle lens. So off to the same shop I went, I spied the lens on the rack then I spied the price tag on the rack... RM379!!! I nearly had a heart attack. I flagged down a sales girl and ask her about the price, she quickly realised the mistake. Then I told her I'm looking for a wide angle lens for my DCR-SR60, she helpfully points out that the VCL-HA06 which I was looking at can be used, OR... this other one, VCL-0630X could also be used. The kicker was, this alternative which she showed me, costs RM149. I asked to test the lens, she took the box to a table. Gently open the box, and then lightly gripping the lens by it's side and again gently screwed it into my camera's lens assembly. A stark constrast to what her colleague tried to do a week ago. So here's a sales girl that not only knows the product she's selling but also knows that the customer hates seeing gear being raped, very good!

So after the testing she asked me which one I wanted. Since she was such a nice girl I resisted my urge to say DUH!!

So here's the new lens.

And of course... here's the video shot with the lens.

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