# Monday, 27 November 2006

Has been available for about 2 weeks now over here at a quite substantially inflated price. And I had to chance to play with one as well.

After playing around with a bit of Resistance and Ridge Racer 7, I just find the PS3... lacking. When I mention that to my friends they usually just say I'm biased because I lean towards Microsoft, but wait a sec... if I'm biased to Microsoft, why the heck can't I stop thinking about the Wii?

The reason I'm disappointed with the PS3 was that for all the hype and features the Sony promised, for all the things they said their console can do. IT didn't manage to deliver the goods! Again my friends tell me that the console just launched, I shouldn't expect graphics like what I see for Gears Of War on the 360.

OK, I'm not expecting graphics like that. But Resistance doesn't even feel as good as the 360 launch title Call Of Duty 2!

Playing Ridge Racer 7 was just a crazy experience for me, if you haven't heard the PS3 comes with a motion detection joypad called the SIXAXIS. You're supposed to drive your car by tilting the controller, interesting concept if only there wasn't just a 1 degree difference between an easy turn and a super hard turn! I was fish tailing all over the track when I was playing, and when other people tried it they all had the same feeling. I wonder if there was anyway to tweak the sensitivity?

And then the PS3's free online network, called the Playstation Network which is supposed to compete with Microsoft's paid XBox Live network pales in comparison to it's counterpart. If you showed the system to someone who has never used XBox Live before they might be satisfied with what they've got, but show it to someone who has and they'll tell you the PSN just doesn't cut the cake, but hey it's free and I guess that always sways people. Mayebe later I'll point out the differences between the 2 networks.

Now where's my Wii?

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