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I was contemplating wheter or not to actually write this post, but since people seem to be asking wheter I’ll be getting the iPad I might as well just write the answer and point people to it next time they ask.

The first reason why the iPad isn’t for me is it’s size, for capabilities which are slightly better than an iPod Touch doesn’t justify the 10” size of the device. Since I can’t fit the thing in my pockets (and considering that I’m wearing Docker’s Mobile Pants which have a few deeeeeep pockets) I’d need to carry a bag to hold it, and if I’m gonna have to carry a bag to hold a device, that device better damn do everything I want to do on go. And when I carry my UH900 with me I can do ANYTHING I NEED, surf the net, watch movies, deal with my servers, and even write some code.

The people who question why I don’t want an iPad usually call it a revolutionary new experience of using a computer. Imagine being able to surf from the couch, watch videos, share photos with friends. etc. etc. I agree that those are valid points, but when those revolutionary experiences are mentioned to someone who has been using convertible Tablet PCs whose average size has been less than 12” I’ve done all that! I’ve surfed the net from my couch using my ultra lights since 2005, reading in bed, done that, surfing from the throne, done that too. So this revolutionary experience the iPad is offering? I’ve BEEN LIVING IT already.

Then the argument of battery life comes up, saying that the iPad has 10 hours of battery life, well that’s all nice and great. But if I know I need to use my UH900 longer than 2 hours, I’ll be bringing some form of extra power. Then they bring up the point that I need to carry extra stuff then, I remind them that as they pointed out previously a BAG is needed to carry the iPad around, and once a bag is involved you can pretty much put anything into it to extend system lifespan.

The main reason that I will never get an iPad is because I CAN’T WRITE ON IT properly. But it’s a touch screen you say? Yes… it’s a CAPACITIVE touchscreen, great when you have nice big contact points touching the screen like your fingers, but there’s no solution to simulate a pen on paper form of writing. As I found out when experimenting with the Lenovo S10-3T. Here’s the video with my findings.

The reason I NEED the ability to write on the screen is mainly due to one program, one singular program that pretty much holds my thoughts and ideas.

Microsoft Onenote

For every platform, there’s always one must have application, that one program that justifies the existence of the platform. If you ask me, for the Windows Tablet PC platform what this program is. It’s Onenote.

Most people haven’t heard of Onenote, so when they ask me what does it do I point to their paper A4 pad which they’re scribbling their meeting notes into and tell them “Onenote is that pad you’re using, but all the notes that I’ve ever written can be easily retreived, searched through and organized”

The most ironic view came one day when I noticed that my old Fujitsu U1010 was thinner than my colleagues paper notebook. And it does more!

While you can use Onenote on non touch capable systems, you’ll find that you can do so much more with a touch capable system. (and if you currently keep meeting notes as bulleted lists in a Word document you really should check out Onenote!)

With my pen I can easily and quickly sketch out system flows, design ideas, architecture and many more. In fact I’m so hooked onto OneNote that when my main workhorse system was upgraded to a NON touchscreen system, I had withdrawal issues because I couldn’t write down my ideas anymore. Until I found a pen system which I could use with the notebook.

Writing onto my portable device is VERY IMPORTANT to me, and since Steve Jobs would die before allowing a stylus to be shown with Apple devices there’s no way I’m getting an iPad cause it can’t perform that one function which I want.

Actually the industry’s obsession with capacitive touch really scares me since it would mean that the bulk of the tablets that consumers will buy is unable to be written on effectively and that turns a tablet from being a great productivity tool to just… Windows 7 operated with your finger.

I’m looking at you HP Slate!

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