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As previously mentioned in an earlier post I ordered a protective device skin from Gadget Shieldz. And they arrived a few days ago. Installation of the thing was hair raising considering I was going against everything I believed in and actually putting visible water on my Diamond 2.

Then was the fact that immediately after applying I noticed that there were a LOT of micro bubbles and imperfections trapped underneath the skin. The installation page on the Gadget Shieldz page stated that I shouldn't fret over micro bubbles or the hazy appearance of the screen cause they'll improve after 24 hours.

But I was worried never the less, since traditionally a screen protector should look GREAT the moment you put it on! Not to mention the skin felt tacky and not ideal for sliding your finger around on. Then one of my friends mentioned that I should just let it be for a few days and see.

So I did... and what a drastic change it was!


After one day the skin feels smoother and slicker, the micro bubbles all over the place has almost fully disappeared. Whatever's left are just small little traces of bubbles.


I'll give it another few more days and see, but they're acceptable to me. What was not acceptable to me were the side flaps, because they just seem to be too long and overlapped in some places.


So I have to trim it myself.

And so.. the big question is... Is this thing SCRATCH PROOF? The website of all these shield products say that the sheet can withstand being punctured by a screw driver. Well.. that's nice cause it means the sheet is tough enough to not be RIPPED APART because technically a screw driver (especially those big ones which they used to demonstrate their point) doesn't really have a SHARP POINTY point.

To test the scratch resistance I took my keys which I would put in the same pocket as my phone now that it's protected by a scratch proof sheet, and introduced it to the rear panel. The results? Not pretty. The film is definetly scratchable causing fine lines to appear where the keys hit it. The reason could be because some of the points on my keys are sharp enough to be used as a needle point and can prick skin. If I used a NOT so sharp key, then well the film escapes undamaged.

I guess I should have expected this to happen since it's not INDESTRUCTABLE! :P I DO feel that it's stronger and more durable than my other screen protectors though.

So you might say it's because I used the cheaper Gadgetshieldz and not the original more expensive Invisible Shield. And I'm a strong believer of getting what you paid for. So I took a look at the videos hosted by the Invisible Shield.

The one on top is just one of the many that they have there, and I noticed a common path, they try to scratch the device with a key, they drop screws on the thing, then they put a rotary tool on it (seems like it's using a sanding or cutting disc, though they move it around on the device, would love to see what happens if they actually TRIED to cut it, but then they're simulating usage and not finding out how indestructible it is) then they remove the film to reveal that the DEVICE is scratch free. So the point here seems to be that, they never said the PROTECTION FILM can't be scratched or damaged, but rather your DEVICE is the one that'll be more protected from scratches.

Anyone care to introduce their invisible shield covered device to my keys of doom?

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