# Saturday, 26 July 2008

After I got my HTC Touch Diamond, again I visited PDAir to get a case for it. (the price is actually very competitive when compared to what you can find in the retail shops as long as you know... nothing happens during shipping)

This time though... I succumbed to that voice in my head that was screaming "aluminium is COOL!!" and I clicked the complete order button as the voice that was screaming "what the heck would aluminium do to the signal strength?" got beaten down by the aluminium supporter.

Less than a week later.. I got this in the mail.


An aluminium case which fits like a glove around the TD, the keypad is exposed but the screen is protected behind a piece of plastic. Which.. as I was contemplating wheter or not to get a screen protector for the screen protector.. I got it banged up in my pockets with my keys so... never mind.

An interesting thing to note on the rear of the case is this.


VENTALATION GRILLS!!! I know the TD can get quite hot at times, but to need a GRILL? Or maybe this is a standard feature among aluminium cases?

So.. how's the signal reception? well... it seems to affect normal cellphone operation a *little*, but recently Maxis hasn't exactly been in it's best shape so I can't say what's really wrong.

But I did notice recently that... THE INTERNAL GPS SEEMS TO BE ADVERSLY AFFECTED!!! With the TD in the case the position reported by the GPS went ALL OVER the place, I still haven't been able to run any specific tests.. but it does seem that while an aluminium case might not affect normal phone operation, it does seem to wreck havoc on the internal GPS

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