# Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bought a new toy to play with today, I guess you can call them building blocks but not in the usual sense. Basically they look like this.


A bunch of ball joints, connectors and beams. Put a few of the basic parts together and you can get something simple like this.


So you end up with something looking like a Stikfas figure without the personality since the parts are generic. But of course, because this is basically just LEGO for making figures. You can go wild and make weird things such as.


What the heck is this supposed to be?


I guess I wanted it to be a ship of some kind but guess that didn't work out too well. But my main creation is this little guy.


A chicken walker mech with an auto cannon for the right arm and a (out of focus) beam canon on it's left. And because the beam canon needs to be oversized and menacing.


It can open up in ATTACK MODE!!! God I need to get that sheet of white foam so I can take pictures with a cleaner backdrop...

Anyway? What is this thing that I bought?


They're called ASOBLOCK, and while they cost a lot I considered it a little birthday present for myself since I couldn't find a Rovio this time around...

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