# Thursday, 10 September 2009

After a few trips to the Den Of Sin know as Deal Extreme I ended up with this.


It's something that I always wanted to find after reading about it on the net. So... what the heck is it? First of all it's like a giant paper clip. But then, there are 2 movable hands on the top.


The 2 hands end as small fine needle points


Which you then use to touch the contact points of a battery which you clamp down on with the clip.


The tail then lights up to indicate that it has found a proper polarity of the battery.


Figured out what this is yet? Yup.. it's a battery charger. I think the term for this is "Universal Phone Battery Charger" The universal term is used loosely, basically because it uses USB power to charge the battery it can charge any battery that's 3.7V ie. MOST gadget batteries. This is techincally a newer model because the ones I saw on the net previously required you to find the correct polarity terminals on the battery yourself. This one is able to auto adjust the polarity so all you need to do is just keep touching points on your battery until the green light lights up.

Then you plug it into a USB port.


And the charging COMMENCES with a red light!

My wife looks at me fondling the clip and asks me "why the heck would you need this for?" Which is a valid reason considering I have other means of portable power. Well I was intrigued but how it worked. But really this thing's pretty useless because of the simple reason that you need to TAKE THE BATTERY OUT to charge it! And it's not like it's an express charger, the output is stated (I don't think it's appropriate to use the word RATED for such a product) at 4.2V 500mA. Which means it'll take a while to charge a battery, so it'll be a while before you can use your device.

Also.. it sure looks dangerous just sitting there all exposed! :P

Yup... it's pretty much useless. But it sure is a NEAT idea! ;)

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