# Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Been having sort of an argument with a client recently.

The project in question is to make a desktop widget, thingamabob that will pull down information about the client's promotions and offerings so that the users can be kept up to date on the client's offerings.

The client also has BIG BIG plans for future expansions of the product, so it's not just a plain and simple RSS viewer.

So half a year ago, when this item was first inserted into the project proposal I already stepped in and informed the client that based on what they want, and planned to do int he future, the best way that we can go with was to use .Net to make the program. And they all agreed to using the .Net framework then.

6 months later and after some staff turn over, they're telling me a different story. And now they're asking us to use alternate methods, the main alternate method is of course to use Win32 to make it.

But ask any ISV who gets paid on a project basis if they'd commit to a 2 month deadline for a Win32 UI application and they'd probably tell you it's a crazy thing to suggest.

The results will be known today on how things go...

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