# Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Now.. what sort of a gadget person would I be if I didn't make a post about the iPhone. Apple fanboys better turn away now cause most feel that I'm biased against Apple. Done? Great.

Then again.. considering I didn't get any backlash from Apple fanboys the last time I posted about the iPhone I think I should be ok. First of all let me just go back to my earlier post and see what I posted about previously was right or not.

I correctly predicated that in no way could the iPhone play MPEG4 in AVI container files which you have downloaded off the internet, but then again any one could have figured that out. But what I didn't expected was.. for all the huha about the iPhone being an iPod and a phone put together.... you can't connect the phone to a TV and watch your videos on it. Video encoding chips must be expensive.

I got it right that the iPhone's touch screen is using touchpad technology, and thus you can't use a stylus or any kind of pointing tool to tap the screen (refer to this) .. although I'm pretty sure someone would come up with a solution.. maybe jello fingers? Hey... wait a sec.. if you need to have skin contact to use the phone.. and you can't use voice dialing... that means this isn't the phone to take on your next trip to extremely cold places would it? :P

Also.. Apple decided to make the front screen GLASS instead of plastic, GREAT move... glass is obviously more scratch resistant and easier to clean smudges off (with the included cloth no less). But... putting a GLASS screen on a portable device that's likely to hit table corners at weird angles? Not a good decision in a practical sense, there are probably tones of hard clear, plastic, substances that have are tougher than glass out there.

Of course while some have already managed to prove that a glass screen is no match for a table corner, there are those who have proved otherwise. Me? I will hold on to my statement that glass was a bad idea, but as for how tough the device is overall? Well if you buy me one then let me sommersault it into a table then I'll let you know. (My 838 did do this once)

The virtual keyboard? It looks pretty neat with all the snazzy predictive entry thingy going on. But I'll reserve judgement until I actually manage to try it for myself. But one interesting tidbit did catch my eye. While the iPhone is in landscape mode, the keyboard can ONLY be used in Safari. As someone who wrote Pocket PC applications before, I have a theory. When we write Pocket PC applications we have to respond to the event where the virtual keyboard pops up and react accordingly, if the control the user was entering text in is convered by the keyboard we'd have to move it accordingly, and we couldn't hard code the value too thanks to the various types of virtual keyboards available for the Pocket PC and also due to the fact that your program might be running in landscape or portrait mode, running on a different screen resolution. etc. etc. Could it be that the developers decided not to support landscape input for the other apps cause they were too busy with other things to put it in?

Another one of the things which I don't understand is that... from what I have read around the web, you can't dial a person's name by typing it into a dial screen, if you wanted to call someone you'd have to go to the contacts app FLICK the contacts list till the person's name showed up. THEN select his name to call. Yes.. you do have a quick dial list but was it that hard to make a simple search via number pad function?

The iPhone Bluetooth stack currently only connects to HEADSETs only WITHOUT A2DP SUPPORT so... it's back to the white wired headphones.

The iPhone can NOT be used as a modem for your notebook, yes.. EDGE is slow compared to 3G but in most situations where you NEED the connectivity it's a lifesaver.

You CAN'T use your own files as ringtones on the iPhone, so you're stuck with the built in tones until they either let you use your own files as ringtones.. or they start SELLING you ringtones.

I think that is what I'd like to say about it so far. As expected the iPhone brings nothing new to the table, and it falls pretty short of what Steve Jobs called an revolution of the mobile phone!

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