# Friday, 12 March 2010

There are times when I wish I had more training and understanding about how to build electronic hacks. Especially at times when it involves AC current.


Here I've taken an AC/DC adapter, replaced it's head with a composite jack.


Just so I can charge the SLAB I gotten for my portable hotspot project.


And I don't think I chose a safe spot to do it too!


Well, power should flow from the higher 7.5V of the adapter to recharge the lower 6V of the battery.. I THINK! The charging method matches what Adrian used in his battery extender project. But heck, I'm not sure if I done everything right!

Also, the power adapter is FICKLE!! Sometimes when I turn it on it pumps out 3.5V, sometimes.. it pumps out 7.5V.. it's weird! And... how do I know if the battery is being charged? Well... the adapter was hot for a while. And I think at charge the battery has a 6.5V rating.

Maybe I should abandon project Mobile Belt?


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