# Monday, 12 March 2007

Video is all the rage now after being pioneered by YouTube, now more and more players are coming into play. As you would have noticed I'm using a lot of MSN Soapbox, not because it's a Microsoft thing but mainly because it allows me to upload videos longer than 10 mins, compared to Youtube which will only remove the 10 min cap if you have a Director's account... and I'm no Director. :P

The problem with video is, it's so BIIIGGGG.. even though I can upload something longer than 10 mins onto SoapBox, there's a 100MB cap on the filesize. So I need to tweak my video files so that they stay quite viewable and still smaller than 100MB.

For the past weekend I've been trying to upload the Vista presentation I did for MIND, it's a 50 min video, and I managed to get it down to a 90MB. The uploads kept failing and failing and failing, I need to congratulate TMNet for giving me such a hard time cause.. this morning I come into office and do the upload and viola.. it just worked... now I'm waiting for Soapbox to finish processing my video so I can put it up.

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