# Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It just so happens that while I was picking up stuff for WZ (who seems to want a change of diet) I chanced upon this little guy.


This is a Gerber Clutch and it's a small multitool ideal for your keychain just like the Leatherman Squirt. They almost have the same tools, knife, pliers, screw drivers, smaller screw driver, nail file.

And they're almost the same size too!


But the main difference here is that you can ACTUALLY BUY the Gerber Clutch here in Malaysia, while the Leatherman Squirt is not brought in by the local distributor, they choose to bring in the more inferior (in my opinion :P) Leatherman Micra instead. The Clutch is also at LEAST half the price of the Squirt here.

But... you get what you paid for. The Clutch doesn't feel as well built as the Squirt. The tools on the Squirt are tight but you don't feel like you'll chip a nail flipping out the tool. The Clutch's tools are VERY TIGHT, flipping out the mini screwdriver is particularly nerve wrecking, I really feel like I might accidentally snap my fingernail off or something when pulling that open.


But other than those caveats, the Clutch is a usable keychain tool. The knife is sharp enough to be useful, having a pair of small pliers in your pocket is surprisingly useful and having a screwdriver in your pocket just comes in handy in so many situations!

Recommended if you're looking for a keychain sized multitool but not as highly as the Squirt. Damn you UFL why don't you bring in the Squirt? :P

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