# Friday, 18 June 2010

So, in some unbreakable form of tradition I got yet ANOTHER media player. It's almost like I'm getting one every year!


This is the Ainol V9000HDA, capability wise it's close to the AC Ryan PlayOn HD


Which basically means it can play a PRETTY WIDE variety of files, BUT... in a nice portable form factor. And to top it off, it has a HDMI mini port built in.


So you can watch stuff both on the small screen AND on the big screen. But I noticed a little problem after connecting it to the TV for a test.


Problem here is that the V9000HDA is pretty much BUTTONLESS it has no navigation buttons, just a volume control button, power, and a back button. NOTHING ELSE. But once you connect the thing to the TV... the screen goes blank and you ask yourself HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO NAVIGATE WHEN IT'S CONNECTED THEN?

Luckily they provided a remote control as an additional freebie when I purchased my set.


But what if they didn't? Or what if you forgot to bring it with you when you needed the output? And also.. the remote doesn't have all the necessary buttons, it doesn't have the back button required to exit some of the screens, so you end up fumbling between the remote and the player for certain things.

What a bad way of screwing up the TV out feature of your player! Luckily I didn't buy it for watching stuff on TV, 2 strips of velcro later and this thing acts like an upgrade for my car audio system.

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