# Sunday, 18 April 2010

Here's some things which I realized after playing the role of bootleg recorder during yesterday's Video Games Live concert.

First of all, if you want to make a good recording, you need to prepare a proper setup for your gear. Great thing about VGL was that I didn't need to hide my gear so I just had to make sure I mounted my camera properly. Because I had a Gorillapod I could do this


The camera and I basically shared the same eye level, so from a camera angle aspect I got a pretty good one. Here's a sample of the resulting video.

From the video I learned the remaining tricks of being a good bootlegger

  • If you can ensure the camera position doesn't change like what I'm doing, then leave the camera on MANUAL FOCUS so it doesn't focus hunt in the middle of the show. It's not like the screen will move or anything.
  • If your intent is to bootleg, don't go to the show with someone you're likely to talk to. :P

Note that you can Post As GUEST as well.
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