# Monday, 30 October 2006

There are certain times where the job as an ISV just makes you want to rip your hair out and strangle the customer for their inadequet understanding of their IT systems. And here's one of them.

So... we made this Flash heavy website for a client, and recently after we changed the content of one of the files, the client came back to us and said we hadn't perform our changes. Upon closer inspection we realized something... the client's proxy server was CACHING the Flash file, and upon seeing that the filename was the same decided that the file was unchanged and thus didn't load the new file from the server.

So we tell the client about this and.... they blame it on us!!! They say that we need to solve this problem cause they don't expect all their other users behind proxies to have to clear their proxies whenever there are file changes.

I have yet to take a close look at the server settings (the client is running a JSP server not a MS server) But if nothing can be done on the server side, then the problem is the proxy server and well... they're current still holding that there's nothing wrong with their proxy server.

Well I guess I understand why they'd say that, there is technically nothing wrong with their proxy server. I'd think that a typical proxy/cache server would classify Flash files as uncommonly updated files and thus would cache them down for a longer period if no ChangedDate was supplied to the server for a given file.

Problems problems...

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