# Sunday, 01 July 2007

As mentioned in my C730 post, the phone doesn't have a standard audio jack.

BUT... it does have Bluetooth A2DP support, so I decided to get this Creative Bluetooth transmitter dongle set. What is it?


It basically consists of 2 dongles, one is a Bluetooth A2DP receiver with a stereo jack where you can plug in any normal headphones or speakers, etc. etc. The other is a Bluetooth A2DP TRANSMITTER with a stereo plug which you can plug into any standard audio output device.

I was more interested with the A2DP receiver and it paired easily enough with the phone, and within seconds I had music playing on the C730 and piping out of my portable speakers.

I was very satisfied with the solution... until I played a video and discovered the awful truth about the transmitter. THERE'S A DELAY!!! It's almost about a second... which makes it VERY VERY bad for videos since lips doesn't match up!!

Also.. seems like decoding both 480p video and audio and ENCODING audio so that it can be transmitted to the A2DP device is just too much for the puny 400Mhz processor in the C730.

So I thought it was because the C730 was not specialized in performing A2DP transmissions, so I used the Creative A2DP transmitter, plugged it into my DS Lite, and fired up Ouendan 2. Sure enough.. there's a half a second delay on the audio making it very VERY hard to play games with it.

So while it might work for music, this solution would never work for video.. Looks like I'm gonna have to get myself a real cable adapter if I want proper audio output from the phone.

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