# Thursday, 08 May 2008

After I purchased the macro lens for my Sony A350, I started reading about people talking about a close up filter in the forums. So I asked the semi-pro (He tells me he doesn't want me to refer to him as semi pro anymore, so I shall refer to him as the friend formerly known as semi pro, or FFKASP but I figured I'd just forget how to type that in a few days so semi pro will have to do!)

Me : What is a close up filter?


Semi Pro : It's something that allows your lens to get a closer minimum focus distance, so let's say normally at maximum zoom the closest you can get for sharp focus is like this.


So with the close up filter you'll be able to get in closer like so.


Me : So it increase the macro capability of a given lens then?

Semi Pro : Yes but it'll never be as good as a real dedicated macro lens which gives you extremely close focus distances like this.


Me : But the filter costs a FRACTION of what a macro lens costs! And more importantly if I saw the results of the filter BEFORE I got the macro lens I would have been content with it. Why DIDN'T you tell me about this filter BEFORE telling me about the macro lens??

Semi Pro : But it's not as good as a real macro lens

Me : But I would have been content with the fact that I can get PRETTY close up shots, and I would have saved some money!

Semi Pro : .....

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