# Friday, 05 November 2010

(I lost my previous sacarstic post when Live Writer crashed without an auto save, damn!)

While Windows Phone 7 supports the viewing of Office files, PDFs, etc. etc. To get them onto the device you have to either email them to yourself, or upload them to a website then download file using Internet Explorer. You can’t just directly copy the file from your PC to your phone using the Zune application.

Since it’s possible to download a file through IE and have the phone save it, I decided to just write a simple webserver program.


You select a folder to point the webserver to (just fill it with normal files, no ASPX or VB or what not, it’ll blow up most likely) Key in a different network port if it doesn’t work when you click Start Service.

Update 18th November 2010 : You CANNOT Copy media files to your device this way, only documents. Specifically things that I do know that work are Office documents, PDFs if you have Adobe Reader installed, and images

Also when you click Start Service, Windows Firewall might come up and ask you to allow network connections which you obviously should.

After the server is started you’ll see the list of locations that your phone (Which should obviously be connected to the same network as the PC through WiFi) should be able to access the webserver, just browse to those addresses on the phone’s IE and you’ll be able to access the files and save them to your phone.

You need .Net Framework 3.5 to run the program, but it should already be included on Windows 7. The usual there are no warranties or guarantees that the program doesn’t cause your PC to spontaneously explode should be observed.

Also note that running a full fledged webserver when you don't need to is technically a bad security practice, so do close the program when you're done with it.

If anyone wants to point out any program that already performs a similar function and saying mine sucks and all, please remember that I’m a software programmer and I tend to write code for no reason other than to write code.

ps. Sometimes weird things seem to happen to the browser when you open video files this way, so if you find yourself greeted with a completely white browser page on refresh, try closing the tab and using another one.

Update 10th November : If your Internet Explorer just seems to take a long while to load and nothing comes out, try closing the tab and opening a new one. Sometimes it seems like the phone can’t decide between using WiFi or the mobile data network to access an address.

Update 13th November : Here's a how to use Video!

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