# Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Just came back from the gynae, and seems like it's almost go time! The baby is considered term sized, his head is already in position for delivery. Doctor says it could be anywhere from 3rd to 29th of Jan 2007. If nothing happens after 29th of Jan, well.. it's time for induced labour then.

Anyway.. I've already got a plan ready. Once it's time, again I'll change my MSN connection status message and then sign in and out again so that everyone on my friends list will know that it's time to.. poll this website every now and then to check up on progress.

Hopefully nothing will be wrong with Maxis GPRS then.

I wonder if they'll have power plugs for me... I wonder if they have wireless broadband access there?

I want to bring the video camera but my wife says she'd rather force a C-Section on herself than have me tape the process. We'll see about that... ;)

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