# Monday, 17 December 2012

I just got myself an Acer W510, while an actual review will be incoming later a quick tip for anyone considering it. The Acer W510 doesn't have a full sized USB port on the tablet. It has a Micro USB sized port in which you plug in a Micro USB to USB socket cable so you can get a full USB port.


This was actually one of the things which made me pause a bit when considering the W510, mainly because I was worried that this was some funky overpriced Acer cable which you could only buy from Acer. Luckily at the shop I was buying it from had a rack full of plain olde USB Micro to Socket cables. I'm not sure if these are wired for USB OTG or not since it's not mentioned on packaging but after plugging in.. it worked!


Since this is some brand X cable, this should mean that Acer didn't fudge up the port and you should be able to just buy a simple cable anywhere to replace or act as backup. I myself am planning to get this.

PS : The Acer W510 DOES come with one of these cables in the box in case you're wondering.

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