# Sunday, 21 October 2007

On my on going quest to find ever crazier Micro SD card readers I stumble across this thing in All-IT Hypermarket in Lowyat Plaza today.


Doesn't look like much at first glance like this does it?


The only reason I bought this was because I thought it was smaller than the Kingston one which I got with my 2GB MicroSD. I was disappointed when I got home and found out that it's only a few mm shorter than the Kingston one. Even more disappointing is that the performance of the new reader is worse than the Kingston branded one, a MicroSD card which can be used for ReadyBoost in the Kingston reader is unable to do so in the new one. In case you're wondering readers that look like the Kingston one are also now widely available.

On the plus side the reader supposedly supports SDHC cards.

I also got this.


At first look it looks like any other MicroSD -> SD Adapter, until people ask "Why's the MicroSD slot at the side?" and "Why's the bottom part metal?" Well there's a good reason for that...


Yup... this thing is a USB reader as well! I saw an adapter like this a month back in Tech Ed, the guy got it with an A-Data MicroSD card and I was wondering how I could get one for myself. Well.. now I have it!

In SD Card mode it is still unable to perform magic and allow the MicroSD in the adapter to work as a ReadyBoost media. As a USB reader though, it does work as a ReadyBoosy media.

The packaging of this adapter doesn't indicate that it supports SDHC.

Wouldn't call any of these 2 things as a must buy be the SD card adapter is nice to have if you use your MicroSD in standard SD card devices and you need to transfer stuff on the SD onto a desktop regularly.

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